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Autor Thema: About near death experiences  (Gelesen 6300 mal)


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About near death experiences
« am: 22. Mai 2009, 13:11:50 »


I think near death experiences are a very interesting topic and have put together some information for you to view and to discuss. 

I have been investigating the near death phenomenon for quite a long time and have read a lot of books about it...I personally find the whole topic highly interesting and therefore thought about sharing some videos about it with you. These were the most memorable for me. 

There are a lot of videos on youtube about the topic which are mostly interviews of near death experiencers or which are re-enactments of occurrences that happened to them / interviews.

Here you can read about the basics of near death experiences: (Modification: Oh great looks like the site was hacked, thats really really great, if you want to know the original content look it up in the internet archive the site has a very long here to see it Click here

Two near death experiences which I know about (there are surely more) are quite outstanding, the first is the one of Howard Storm. Here you can read about him:

Here is a video interview with him taken from the video series about "bad" near death experiences called "To Hell and Back" by Maurice Rawlings (Dont get repelled by the christian background music and stuff just listen to him) :
To Hell And Back - Part 4 of 9
To Hell And Back - Part 5 of 9
To Hell And Back - Part 6 of 9

As you can see in the wikipedia link Howard Storm also gave several interviews regarding the topics he asked the "angels" (or entities) in the afterlife.

# Video of Howard Storm's revelation of the future of the world
# Video of Howard Storm's revelation of the future of the United States
# Video of Howard Storm's revelation about other life in the universe
# Video of Howard Storm's revelation about the nature of Heaven
# Video of Howard Storm's revelation about the nature of Jesus Christ

Another radio interview:

You may find even more when you take a look at the link here taken from the above mentioned wikipedia link:
Obviously a lot of videos which were originally only at youtube have been transferred to other sites as well and you can look them up there.

A lot of the things he says about many topics makes perfect sense to me as I have also been dealing with other topics as well and a few things are predictable.

You can also call this guy - I did because I had some questions regarding some controversial "faith topics" which I was not able to completely figure out. But please dont unless you really have serious questions or if you really want to know if this guy is for real or credible or something "urgent", because I guess he is busy most of the time. I also have his (latest) email address if you want it. 

The second interesting near death experience video is Ian McCormacks
"Glimpse of eternity":
A Glimpse of Eternity Part 1
A Glimpse of Eternity Part 2
A Glimpse of Eternity Part 3
A Glimpse of Eternity Part 4

Both Ian Mccormack and Howard Storm are talking about Jesus Christ as their saviour, if you have a problem with that, you dont have to watch and just go and think and believe whatever you want ;-) (thats what most people do anyway  ;D ). 

There are also a lot of near death videos out there where near death experiencers are just speaking of "the light" and so on. I have also read Howard Storms book "My descent into death" and I can highly recommend it. Good is also Raymond A. Moodys "Life after death" because in this book, he scientifically analyses every argument contradicting the validity of Near Death experiences (lack of oxygen, hallucinations and "explanations" like this).

Here are some more interviews (Near Death Chronicles):

Here are some more:

You can also simply look it up on youtube by searching for near death experience and stuff like this (you will also get many wrong results but also some correct ones in between). You will find more material on other sites and the internet in general etc.. There are also a lot of books about the phenomenon. You can also look up documentaries on the Near death com site I already mentioned (but they cost money because they come in the form of VHS cassettes or DVDs + shipment costs).

Why I believe this stuff is for real is because I have not only been dealing with the near death phenomenon as such for some years as I said but also with "old books" (!!!FORGET EVERYTHING NEW AGE ITS COMPLETE ****!!!) about the topics god and the hereafter and stuff like this...thats why I am convinced that the above mentioned reports "from the afterlife" are true. Most people have a positive NDE by the only a few  "end up in hell" (or whatever place this is).

One of the biggest issues btw that many people have with the christian faith is the dogma of ETERNAL hell - trust me there is no eternal hell. I have researched into this quite a bit. The concept of the eternal hell is an invention (or more precisely an intentional mistranslation of the latin word AEON !) of the catholic church for the purpose of selling indulgences - which was the main root of the prosperity of the church for this small "mistranslation" of this small little word made the church VERY rich. And that was the intention behind it. Hell itself of course exists - without hell there cannot be perfect justice. And without heaven either. God is perfectly just...if you remove heaven or hell, justice cannot exist anymore, thats simple logic. There are several more wrong dogmas which can be identified quite well. Still, most of the basic concepts of the christian faith are (very) true.

Hm so much,

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