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Autor Thema: Interesting finding regarding cholesterol / statin drugs / iron overload  (Gelesen 2556 mal)


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No guarantees at all, this is just a finding I found in the internet at

by a guy named "All Risk No Reward":
The Pharmaceutical Journal - A Royal Pharmaceutical Society Pbulication

The cholesterol and calorie hypotheses are both dead — it is time to focus on the real culprit: insulin resistance
The article was published in 2017.
Not to mention the all-cause life extension is expected to be something along the lines of 4-30 days, and that's the "fox's" own data, manipulated however they wanted to manipulate it.
Are all the known side effects worth an extra 30 of the worst days of your life, which will be worse on a statin?
And some doctors are so misinformed, that they don't tell their patients they should be taking CoQ10 with their statin, if they are duped into taking it.  My friend was prescribed statins while I was in the room with him (he just had heart surgery and wanted some support.  Since CoQ10 wasn't brought up, I asked the doctor if he should take CoQ10 with the statin.  She said, "no."
In the 1940's, Empire started loading the food supply with toxic INORGANIC iron.  Since the body doesn't have a good way of eliminating iron other than through bleeding (and perhaps saunaing, but how many people do that frequently?), this iron has been accumulating for the last 4 generations.  Since doctors are misled about iron metabolism, they don't know that a retinol and copper dependent enzyme called ceruloplasm (blue blood for those keeping track...  hmmm...  what do the dElites call themselves?) is what binds with ORGANIC IRON in order to make it safe for transport in the body.
Without ceruloplasmin, iron is like a 4 year-old with a hammer in your body, knocking oxidative/inflammatory "holes" all over your body., but especially in your macrophages.  You see, iron in red blood cells is supposed to be recycled, but it takes ceruloplasmin to bind with the iron and make it transportable outside of the macrophage,
Guess what?  The false War on Cholesterol was also a War on Retinol, a War on Ceruloplasmin, a War on Organic Bio-Iron, and a War on Magnesium Status in the human body, with the net effect being MOAR PROFITS, B*zzz.
Morley Robbins, whose spent a decade in the scientific literature free of Big Pharma profit maximizing propaganda BS, has developed The Fully Monty A&D blood test available through Request-A-Test.  He's personally interfaced with the world's leading researchers in copper, iron, and magnesium.
ZERO of his first 1,000 clients were anemic due to low iron in the body.  While he hasn't specifically said so, he's alluded to the fact that ZERO OUT OF MANY THOUSANDS OF CLIENTS IS TRULY ANEMIC DUE TO LOW IRON.
So You've Just Been Told You're Anemic?
My Theory of Everything
Getting Off The Ferrous Wheel with Morley Robbins ( Iron vs. Copper in the body) Episode #159
It is also a great idea to eliminate all persistent infections, oral infections being a prime contributor since dentistry is set up to promote covert persistent infections.
Look into the work of Dr. Hal Huggins, a man who treated a number of Rockefeller Dentistry damaged people and mostly rehabilitated them, for which effort he was sued into oblivion and had his license taken away.
He has a number of interviews archived at
Having said that, the easiest way to address oral infection is to begin Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System.  The results are simply unbelievable.  Patrick Timpone, the radio host who interviewed her, tried her program for 3 months.  He had a before-and-after DNA oral bacterial test protocol.
For context, Timpone was already leading edge in dental health.  He had repeatedly interviewed the leading minds in dentistry, and applied what he discerned to be the best protocols.
In three months, the three worst pathogens detected on his first test, for which the lab recommended an antibiotic treatment, declined by about 97%.  His previously detectable spirochetes were no longer detectable.  His two 7mm pockets went to 4mm pockets, and he didn't produce any tartar, so he didn't even need a teeth cleaning.
Dr. Ellie's last teeth cleaning was 30 years ago.
Dr. Ellie's daughter never had a teeth cleaning, and never had any dental work.
Her first book is called Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.
I believe the ADA hates her!
A pediatric dentist in Pennsylvania who applies her protocol wrote a testimonial saying she's losing $70k a year because fillings are no longer required in most cased!
And she's not tied into the program - you don't need to pay her a cent to do the program, and she makes this very clear.
No, I have no affiliation with her than respect for her inquisitiveness to figure this out, and her passion to help educate others against the tide of an Empire of Lies and a mass of people programmed to swallow Empire BS whole, gobemouche-style.
Yes, three of the companies are Mega-Corporates, and they use less than ideal ingredients in some cases.  However, THEY STINKING WORK!  The cost is very small relative to the rewards, but the cost it not zero.
Root Cause is the name of a documentary exposing some of the problems with Rockefeller Dentistry, and how those problems promote persistent infections that maximize Empire, Inc.'s profits.
"Die wunderbare Einrichtung und Harmonie des Weltalls kann nur nach dem Plane eines allwissenden und allmächtigen Wesens zustande gekommen sein. Das ist und bleibt meine letzte und höchste Erkenntnis." Isaak Newton

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