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also check out

I think the highest probability of success can be achieved if you try the "anti gilberts syndrome" measures and medicines in the following order:

It is advisable that you try to find a COMPETENT health practitioner and get a COMPLETE screening of your health status because the GS symptoms tend to mix up with other health issues and it is important to know what is caused by GS and what is caused by other health problems. However, finding a good health practitioner can be - hm - lets say "difficult".

You should do the first two points BEFORE you try anything else:
1.) liver cleanse according to Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark (until you expelled 2000 stones). The slightly modified version with superphos 30 is said to be much less exhausting and more convenient while maintaining the same efficiency. I have not yet tried the method with superphos 30 but will try it soon.
Links to "standard liver cleanse":
Link to liver cleanse with superphos 30:

2.) heavy metal test + thyroid test

Make a heavy metal test, for example with DMSA (I do not have english information about this at the moment, only in german). Asking your doctor will probably be not very helpful as doctors are absolutely incompetent regarding this. Inform yourself about the CONTRAINDICATIONS OF DMSA before doing the test, you will also need a doctors prescription for this substance. It must be injected, then you gather an urine sample and send it to a lab to do a multielement analysis. I do not have detailed information about the procedure at the moment.

Get information about this from the web or read specialized books about the dangers of amalgame and how to resolve this. Check out the "mercury toxicity" section on, read the internet site

If you are heavy metal intoxicated (which is very likely for GS sufferers as GS sufferers tend to pick up heavy metals due to their low detoxification ability!) make an appropriate detoxification (amalgame fillings need to be removed BEFORE doing detoxification of course! )

Please note that removal of amalgame fillings requires several protective measures.

99,99% of all dentists have absolutely no idea about the correct protective for a dentist who is able to remove your amalgame fillings with the appropriate security measures so that you do not get even more intoxicated with heavy metals!!!

The correct removal protocal includes several protective measures, for example
-->artificial respiration with oxygene
-->slowly rotating, water cooled dental drillers (so that the damn stuff does not get evaporated)
-->special security measures to suck off the extremely toxic vapors and fragments
-->coffer dam to prevent fragments from being swallowed
-->prophylactical administration of chlorella algae or other substances that can bind heavy metals , rinsing of mouth with special chemicals afterwards

It is EXTREMELY important that you find a dentist who can do amalgame filling removal CORRECTLY.
Dont believe any dentist who freewheelingly says that he uses protective measures without informing yourself what this person means with "protection".

There are a lot of indications that GS is linked to heavy metals and GS sufferers tend to pick up heavy metals much easier due to their reduced detoxification ability...the heavy metals then makes Gilberts syndrome worse what further reduces detoxification ability what makes it more likely that you pick up heavy metals and so on and so on (vicious circle).


You can do this in several ways, for example with algae and bear´s garlic or with DMSA (or other substances like this). There are several other methods available. Check out the internet about the topic or read books regarding amalgame filling removel and heavy metal intoxication etc.. for example see

Regarding the thyroid, see here:

Stuff that enhances the UDP encyme system (which so to say acts on the "origin" of Gilberts Syndrome):
3.) Sulforaphane (for example in the form of Brocco Max, please wait some more time until we have collected some experience with it and made blood tests to see if it helps in any way!)

It looks like as if you cannot get sufficient dosages with Brocco Max (furthermore its expensive).

According to my actual information, it is much better to eat
-->FRESH BROCCO SPROUTS (30 Grams per day)<-- to activate the encyme system that is not fully functional in Gilbert Syndrome sufferers. Sulforaphane is 20 - 50 times more concentrated in SPROUTS than in the adult form of broccoli. You can probably buy brocco sprouts on local markets (quite cheap usually) or grow them yourself.
Regarding the seeds, of course it would be better if you use broccoli sprouts of "broccoli races" (sorry for my english) which have even higher sulforaphane concentrations but sprouts from "normal broccoli race seeds" should be sufficient.
At least two users of the german board are currently trying this and will have blood tests after some months.

There exist some scientific papers that show a good effect on HUMANS (so not only animal studies :) ), you can look this up here:

4.) Yin Zhi Huang tea
The same stuff also comes in capsule form (and is therefore much easier to take as the tea is quite a "pain in the ass" regarding the taste  ;D ), see

5.) "Sub-Stuffs" of sulforaphane like DIM, I3C etc. - we did not yet try this, I do not yet have a lot of information about this and am still waiting for information from a french board regarding a scientific paper that is said to contain information that some of these medicines might help with GS

Stuff that enhances the system that comes after the UDP System:
6.) MSM (very cheap if you know where to get it from, see, the exact link is
2 kilograms for 30 EUR or so)

7.) The 3 "forerunner substances" of Glutathione
-->N-Acetyl-L-Cystein (NAC) or L-Cystein (better form is said to be L-Cystein, you can get it cheap at
There exists at least one success report with high dosages of these substances (4 x 1.000 mg Glycine, 4 x 1.000 mg Glutamine and 3 x 500 mg L-Cystein (do not take more than that of L-Cystein)), see here (taken from the english EZ Board):
Hi all,
I've had GS since 1984 and haven't found anything that would clear up my eyes.......until now.
I am taking:
NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) 600 mg twice a day
Glutamine 1000 mg four times a day
Glycine 1000 mg four times a day
always on an empty stomach.
My eyes are white each morning but tend to color just a bit as the day goes on.
Works for me, hope it'll help some of you.

8.) flower pollen
see the actual report about it in the english EZ board:
Hi all!!
I was diagnosed with GS over 6 years ago. Since then i had two severe liver/bilirrubin crises. In both of them ended up in a light/medium depression.
After seeing this post i tried to get the product but with no results... So i tried some of the "local Pollen" ;) , it's from "Serra D'Arrábida" , a local mountain system.
IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM!!!! Been taking it since yesterday, and my eyes are already as white as i didn't saw them in years(didn't even remember seeing them so white). I had some joint and back pain, don't see much diference yet, but i feel some relief. The fatigue is almost gone!!!!!!
Can't say it helped with my depression since i'm taking drugs for that... but i'm feeling much hapier today! :D
It's sold in grain, and you should mix it with tea or milk.
Of course the doctor's here(Portugal) don't know nothing about this syndrome.

Will try to find it on sale on the net.

So i think this is really working even with only two takes, yesterday in the afternoon and today at breakfast!!! I'll keep you posted!!!
THX Man!!! :rollin

9.) Glutathione itself (in the form of stomach acid resistant capsules), VERY EXPENSIVE tough
and then all the rest (for a probably complete listing of all available or known stuff see )

-->IF YOU DO NOT HAVE HEAVY METALS<-- (heavy metals can come from MANY sources, NOT only "silver" fillings) - make a DMSA heavy metal test to be SURE - it is generally advisable to take high dosages of Vitamin C and antioxidants because this detoxifies the body and supports liver function etc.. It is important not to take Vitamin C, Glutathione, folic acid, selenium or B12 when you are heavy metal intoxication because of a phenomenon called METHYLATION which can transfer the heavy metals into the brain when you take high dosages of the above mentioned substances!

There exists one more treatment that you in the english board have probably never heard about...its the horvi encymes treatment. You can read a "general description" about it here:

The prerequisite before using horvi encymes is that you got rid of amalgame fillings (also gold fillings if they contain palladium and stuff, generally metal is not good anywhere in your body) and of heavy metals in your body because heavy metals are a "treatment barrier". Furthermore gold teeth have a habit to "hold" heavy metals like mercury within your body.

According to the manufacturer it can cure "acquired gilberts syndrome" in almost 100% of all cases. Acquired means gilberts syndrome which you did not yet have from your birth, but which occurred due to a genetic mutation caused by heavy metal poising somewhen in your life.
Regarding original gilberts syndrome it has helped some users of the german board and at least eased their symptomes and lowered their bilirubine levels.

An individual therapy plan can be made for you by the supplier of the horvi medicines, but you have to include your complete medical history and what medicines you currently take, because some substances (even if they are natural) can conflict with the horvi encyme therapy.

Here is the manufacturers data:
Horvi-EnzyMed Holland B.V.
- Peter den Boer Netherland -
Leeuwerik 2
NL - 3191 DL Hoogvliet
Telefon: +49 (0) 6835-5004-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 6835-500444
E-Mail : [email protected]
internet address:

The horvi medicines that are usually used to treat Gilberts syndrome can be looked up here:

The problem is this is still in german. I will have to make a translation (eeeeeeeeeek! WORK!!!  :P ) ... you can look up single words you dont understand here in the meantime:

It is important that you share your experiences and blood tests (before and after you tried something) with us. You can do this for example here in this forum (the english section still has almost no entries but I am working on it). You can attach scanned in pictures here.

This above mentioned list here is very basic without detailed information or links, is is basically just a draft so that I can later on start building sub boards and stuff with detailed information around it so to say. This is already almost finished in the german board...but I still have to do this here. The most complete site about Gilberts Syndrome I have found so far is btw.

I make regular forum backups so this forum should stay stable and not fall apart like the english ezboard ("post missing and cannot be restored" <--  :o )...  :)

The forum location is always (a forwarding service where I can always enter the "real link" to the forum no matter where it is really hosted)
"Morbus Meulengracht" btw is the german term for gilberts syndrome. The simplemachines forum software is known to be 99,999% (...) resistant to hacking attempts (unlike the phpbb forums who have a habit of getting hacked due to security flaws etc.).

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