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Diabetes cure, a combination of breathing normalization and oil-protein-diet by


The following is a possible diabetes cure, it is a combination of breathing normalization
and the oil-protein-diet by Dr. Johann Budwig
(it does "not only" work for cancer, but for a lot of other ailments as well!)

https://normalbreathing.com improves the entire body oxygenation for each and every cell and the latter makes sure that the body cells can respire properly aka it greatly improves CELLULAR respiration, see

The combination of these two methods SHOULD work brilliantly, however, please use these methods exactly as described in Dr. Artour Rakhimovs / Dr. Buteykos / Dr. Budwigs books.

Performing the breathing exercises carries the risk of hypoglycemic shock if not done according to these instructions, the reason for this is that the body immediately restarts its own insuline production and combined with the "medical" insuline the blood sugar level might drop too low! This also shows how well these breathing techniques work and how beneficial they are for diabetics!

Another "component" of these methods is that you should stay away from bad (oxidized) and altered PUFAs, see
Dr. Chris A. Knobbe "Diseases of Civilization: Are Seed Oil Excesses the Unifying Mechanism?'

Always use organic, cold pressed, highest quality flaxseed oil and make sure that you use a wine vacuum sealer immediately after you retrieved the oil. Then store the bottle inside the fridge.
If you suffer from diabetes, you can also incline your bed

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