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Myocarditis cure, improving myocarditis, myocarditis after covid 19 vaccination


Regarding Myocarditis...according to russian research, which is extremely detailed, this has a direct and MASSIVE impact on heart health and also on blood pressure. So this might help A LOT of people who are suffering from the consequences of the coronavirus “vaccination” shots, like myocarditis...at least, it can greatly improve their situation IMHO, so I think this should be published ASAP, please try it and share and distribute this information!!!

Please also note that according to Dr. Bryan Ardis, heart damage (which therefore hopefully also includes Myocarditis) can be treated by B-vitamins, especially B9 and B12, see the following video
Emergency Broadcast -with guest Dr Ardis
Dr Ardis discusses prevention treatments and vitamins to
help you with your immune system! A MUST WATCH
share with everyone Thank You
Dr. Ardis mentions myocarditis at ca. 29 minutes and 20 seconds.
The video was posted by "therevealreport".
He also made a recent video about the myocarditis topic specifically, here:


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