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The dangers and side effects of the neurotoxicant fluoride


This is a thread about the dangers and side effects of the neurotoxicant fluoride. I already collected some information about this extremely dangerous substance here, search for "fluoride" via your browser to find it:


"They're Terrified There Could Be Massive Lawsuits After This"—Why The EPA Is Blocking The Fluoride National Toxicology Report

Broze: More than likely this NTP study says conclusively: "Fluoride is a toxin that can lead to IQ problems."..

We've seen observational studies, now...random controlled trials, there's more than enough evidence.

The only reason I can think that the gov would not want to let this info out is that if this case does go forward and it's found to be toxic... Who's been recommending fluoride for last 7 years?

Here's the ADA, the EPA the CDC, every gov. agency might open themselves up for class action lawsuits... People around the country that could say, "Well my kid, maybe he's got a low IQ because I've been in fluoride everyday and showering in it" and I think that's the big worry—They're terrified that there could be massive lawsuits after this.

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