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Why you should NEVER EVER use "common" suntan oil or lotion


source: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1188646370601033728

All your life you've been brainwashed by corporate media and Big Pharma into believing that the life-giving sun is bad for you when, in fact, it's essential for your health and your immune system.

Not only sunshine keeps you healthy, but it also makes the idea of a deadly global pandemic complete fiction because absolutely NO virus can spread and survive in the sun. Sunshine kills ALL viruses almost immediately. Yes, a deadly airborne pandemic is a pure fiction.

While most beaches worldwide are shut down by fascists right now, it's still important to get as much sun as possible to stay healthy. But if you're using suntan lotions or oils, you're at risk of giving yourself skin cancer.

You're more likely to get skin cancer from a suntan bottle than from the sun. Sunscreens have the active ingredients avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule that can be absorbed by the skin and disrupt hormone production in the body.

Oxybenzone has been linked to DNA damage and abnormal skeleton growth due to endocrine disruption. Oxybenzone has also been linked to coral reef damage, which is why Hawaii banned suntan lotions to protect its coral reefs from further chemical damage.

Research has found that just one drop of oxybenzone in six-and-a-half swimming pools of water is potent enough to cause bleaching, starvation, DNA damage, and reproductive problems in coral reefs. The UV-resistant chemical found in around 3,500 sun creams infects zooxanthellae (one of two algae central to the reef’s survival) and thwarts the development of baby coral.

The propaganda that the sun is terrible for you is no different from the propaganda that COVID19 is a deadly virus. Now you should be outside in the sun more than ever because it's been scientifically proven that sunshine kills all viruses almost immediately.

Fresh air and sunlight are known historically to boost the immune system and destroy disease. Go outside! Get some sun! And never cover your skin with toxic chemicals, you idiots!

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