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29,031 Deaths, 240,022 Serious Injuries Reported to VAERS, as CDC Admits Not Monitoring System for Safety Signals https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/covid-vaccine-injuries-vaers-cdc-safety-signals/?itm_term=home

Ben Swann's Truth in Media

WHO Chief Admits Privately "Covid Came From Chinese Lab".

The head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has now admitted in private that he does believe that Covid-19 originated in a leak from the Wuhan lab.

The real issue is that in public, the WHO is still lying about the origins of Covid, at the same moment that they want a Pandemic Treaty that would give them authority over sovereign nations like the US in the case of another pandemic. The bottom-line, when the WHO is admittedly lying about the last pandemic, they cannot be given one ounce of authority over the next pandemic.


The Last American Vagabond

New RCT Study Finds Vaccine Risk Outweighs “COVID” Risk, Inflation Lies & Heart Attack Cover Up

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Something to think about:
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The word of God

DNA is the "God molecule" a blue print to make a human being.

Deoxy Latin Deo meaning God
Ribo is Aramaic meaning rabbi or teacher master/lord
Nucleic meaning at the centre
Acid meaning fire
DNA = God Lord and master the fire at the centre of my being

No guarantees, I have heard this a few times from different sources by now, which does not mean this is true.

I think it is clear that as they gave the f*cking piece of sh*t coronavirus "vaccine" to BILLIONS of people - basically by blackmail - there must most likely be a f*cking agenda or "overarching goal" behind all this and one more thing is for sure, all this is NOT about health or prevention of any disease.

UK Undertaker John O'Looney: There Is Some Sort Of 'White Crap' Growing In People's Arteries


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