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Coronavirus Plandemic, masks, vaccine vaccination risk danger co2 toxic lockdown

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Under the youtube video here you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of comments regarding "vaccine" shedding, under other videos of the same series of videos you can probably find hundreds or thousands more:
Shedding vaccine material? - Investigation Part 1: FDA definition, breath studies (update 82)

No guarantees, but I almost bet this stuff is "just" a reaction of the body to the toxic m(od)RNA gene therapy shots:
NEW INFORMATION on CALAMARI CLOTHS” commonly seen by the embalmers worldwide.
June 14,2024

Richard Hirschman, a funeral director and embalmer with over two decades of experience, and one of the first whistleblowers on the ‘calamari clots,’ recently shared the results of a laboratory analysis.

They now know what proteins they consist of, which is only one small piece of the puzzle resulting in even more questions.

They know they’re self-assembling and highly conducive and have capability to even grow outside of the body.


Some of the lies of the coronavirus plandemic so far

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, is more dangerous than karma. Karma is the most dangerous thing on this earth, it WILL get you, always, you absolutely cannot escape (unless you somehow attain Gods forgiveness or somehow make up for what you did).

An interesting report, written by someone on the Internet, absolutely no guarantees that this is true:
A family member developed a blood infection and had to go to the local hospital this week. While he was there, they tried to give him the jab three separate times! Why? Especially since 'covid' isn't even a thing anymore? Because the monetary kickbacks are still available…

There is some good news, though. The family member had to be given blood during the surgery, and when we asked whether they had the capability to only use blood from unvaxxed donors, they said 'Yes', they could do that. Unvaxxed blood costs 4x as much, and is like gold, but they had it.

So it's there if you need it.

Someone commented a very valid response:
After all that has happened and the fact that they have tried to murder your friend three times, do you actually believe that they aren't lying about where they are sourcing their blood from?


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