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What do the RKI-Files really show?
RKI-Files are internal protocols of Germany’s Federal Health Agency. They were obtained through legal action under the Freedom of Information Act. The files show that politicians ordered the experts to make up stories and narratives so as to support the government’s preconceived measures.

Internally, RKI experts thought FFP2 masks were useless and believed that vaccines would not stop the virus spread. In the public, however, RKI vigorously advocated mask and vaccine mandates and discrimination of the unvaccinated.

RKI-Files (original source): https://my.hidrive.com/share/2-hpbu3.3u#$/
SOURCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHJI9TK9g7Y&t=1s

A posting I found today on an alternative blockchain based social media:
Flowers for my sister

With considerably low efficacy rates, mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines” caused more deaths than saved lives, according to a new study whose researchers called for a “global moratorium” on the shots and “immediate removal” from the childhood immunization schedule.
“... For every life saved, there were nearly 14X MORE DEATHS caused by the modified mRNA injections,” the study authors said.
The COVID shots have never been safe and effective.

The self proclaimed father of the death jab (Trump) now turns out to be pro abortion or in other words, openly anti life.
Well, I guess promoting the death jab was "quite" anti life already - AFAIK he never stopped promoting the death jab and is still promoting it according to my information -, but this makes it very clear now.
By compromising on the issue of LIFE, Donald Trump and Kari Lake have now sealed the GOP’s doom as a viable conservative party; it may never recover.
After the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in support of a state law requiring the near total ban on abortions, both former President and 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and senatorial candidate Kari Lake came out with strong comments in opposition to the court’s ruling.
This has stunned and confused many Republicans who are pro life.


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