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This is IMHO related to the coronavirus "vaccination" and the schemes which they used to suppress any critics, so I post it here:
Survivor of Mao's China tells Tucker Carlson the US is heading toward communism after rearing generations of 'Marxists' now running schools and colleges: 'It must be stopped!'
A survivor of Mao's Cultural Revolution in China told Tucker Carlson that the US is starting to look more and more like the country where she spent her childhood
Xi Van Fleet's new book, 'Mao's America: A Survivor's Warning,' is a cautionary text that illustrates how America could easily fall into a Marxist trap
Specifically, Van Fleet points to the indoctrination she sees taking place at educational institutions in the US - from Kindergarten through Higher Ed.

Another mass murder is currently being rolled out in Brazil, and lo and behold, one of the usual suspects seems to be involved, but this is surely just another coincidence...

Dengue Fever Surges by 400% in Brazil After Bill Gates-Backed Gene-Edited Mosquitos Released

Dengue fever has spiked fourfold in Brazil in 2024 following the release of millions of gene-edited mosquitos by the United Nations’ World Mosquito Program.


Well lets say this sounds "quite interesting", no guarantees though:
Caught Red Handed: Fauci, Gates & Moderna are responsible for the COVID Pandemic – U.S. D.O.D issued a ‘COVID-19 Research’ contract 3 Months before COVID was known to exist
& Fauci & Moderna had a Vaccine ready in Dec. 2019
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No guarantees:
Thus, it became increasingly clear throughout our analysis that most of the globe (having already been exposed to lower-mortality proto-Covid variants) fared Covid-19 relatively well because of the advance immunity imparted in the years prior to the official pandemic. Moreover, that disruption, lockdowns, iatrogenics, denial of treatment, along with our quod fieri final solution, have collectively served to kill the majority (namely 1,257,275 or 77.3%) of the US Citizens who died during the 206 weeks of the pandemic and its aftermath thus far.

BREAKING: New Zealand Government Forced To Release Gross Mortality Data By DEATHVAX™ Dose Under Official Information Act Request
The courageous New Zealand whistleblower Barry Young has now been completely vindicated.
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