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Zero guarantees.

If this is true, and it seems it is, one thing is clear, there is nothing more dangerous in this world than Karma.


Especially if you have ANY influence on public opinion, which increases your responsibility exactly by the amount of how many people you can reach.

Call it "Super-Karma" if you will.

Ian Vandaelle, a Canadian reporter who called for unvaccinated police to be fired and pushed for concentration camps for those who refused to get the Covid jab has died. He was 33.

France plunged into open corona-fascism:
France's draft law: citizens who speak against Covid-19 vaccine could get '3 years prison and 45,000 euro fine' | 18 Feb 2024 | On February 14, 2024, France’s Assemblée Nationale adopted a controversial draft law "to strengthen the fight against 'sectarian drift'" (in French, dérive sectaire). The draft law was an initiative of the French government of Emmanuel Macron which will be presented to the Senate by the Minister of the Interior in the name of Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne. According to France Info: Article IV, "aims to fight against 'charlatans' and 'gurus 2.0.' who promote on the Internet methods presented as "miracle solutions" to cure serious diseases such as cancers... The "dérive sectaire" (sectarian drift) has allegedly increased dramatically ..."in particular because of the Covid-19 epidemic and the use of social networks." By punishing these behaviors, the crime of "provocation to abstention from care" would therefore serve to "fill a real gap in our arsenal by equipping us with effective means to fight against therapeutic excesses of a sectarian"...Up to three years in prison for these "provocations." After long debates, the deputies adopted at first reading the draft law against "sectarian abominations" [dérive sectaire] on February 14, in which they reintegrated the controversial article 4, which creates a new crime of "provocation to abstention from medical care." ("provocation à l'abstention de soins") (France Info, emphasis added) "Dérive sectaire" and The Draft Law --Dérive séctaire points to non-conformity in response to an official government narrative. It's a totalitarian concept. It refers to The Miviludes, a French government agency pertaining to cult movements.

No guarantees:
TNI - The Ministry of Truth
The Shocking Truth Behind the Trusted News Initiative's Vaccine Agenda!

First they poison 5,55 billion people with the covid depopulation shots, then they politely offer to finish off the ones who were poisoned the most by offering murder ("assisted suicide").

How "progressive"! (by that I mean the leftist term "progressive")!

Medical Staff Offers Assisted Suicide To Canadian Woman Paralyzed From COVID Shots
Greg Reese
====Bullhorn Barry (Opinion / Link to Video)

I watched this short documentary/interview with this woman and I actually teared up, but I did my best to force back the tears. I know that I said I've chosen not to let this stuff get to me emotionally because I need to have my game face on, but this one hit me hard. When evil becomes this prevalent and in our faces, it's ramifications are heartbreaking. This young mother was vibrant, full of life, and super active.......But not anymore. Now she is fully reliant on others just to get her through the day.

I don't believe this Greg Reese video contains the full interview that I saw, but it highlights most of the key points.


Study Finds Hearing And Balance Disorders Among COVID-19 Vaccinated


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