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Coronavirus Plandemic, masks, vaccine vaccination risk danger co2 toxic lockdown

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Opinion from minds.com:
CDC: Lied about the Virus

FDA: Lied about the Vaccine

Hospitals: Lied about the Deaths

the whole plandemic was an excuse to install global digital ID and that’s still the goal
act accordingly

From minds.com:
Over 100 doctors and nurses in the Houston Methodist hospital network have filed a lawsuit, arguing that they don’t want to be forced to take an “experimental” #vaccine. This lawsuit could pave the way for other health care workers to make similar claims.
One person commented under this posting:
This hospital chain killed my Grandma.

I tried to explain to my family what was going on with the protocol, but they tuned me out like usual. While I wasn't there they talked my family into giving her Remdesivir.

She went from the doctors being amazed how strong her heart was for an 83 year old to dead in a few weeks.

I know at 83 she didn't have a super long time to go anyway, but "we're gonna shave some years off her for you" isn't the approach I approve of. She was my last grandparent.

Yes, the covid "vaccines" are Gene Therapies:

Important, although the article is from 2021 already:
How to BLAST your way to the truth about the origins of COVID-19
Using BLAST is easy. I'm going to show you how easy and how to prove that SARS-Cov-2 is man-made


The song “The Crime” performed by Jim Scott provides a powerful relating of multiple dimensions of the despicable actions people have taken in the name of countering coronavirus. From lockdowns to the dangerous and ineffective coronavirus “vaccine” shots, “The Crime” recounts sordid details of inhumanity in coronavirus crackdowns undertaken with media complicity.

Continue reading at http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/peace-and-prosperity/2023/november/09/the-crime-a-powerful-song-about-despicable-actions-taken-in-the-name-of-countering-coronavirus/


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