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Regarding recently circulated "Pfizer evidence of graphene oxide" in the injections
Graphene is mentioned in the Pfizer document, but not as part of the injection substance
Sasha Latypova
Mar 17
"I was forwarded a FOIAed Pfizer document describing lab studies done by Pfizer Groton CT lab characterizing spike protein as a target antigen for “vaccine” development. The document is 14 pages. ..."

So safe!
Pfizer Report 62: Serious Renal Adverse Events

Within 90 days after vax rollout:

• 69 patients suffered acute kidney injury or acute renal failure
• All of the above cases assessed as serious
• 23 of the 69 died
• Half the events occurred within 4 days


From March 2022, but still valid:

F*cking piece of sh*t murderers, oh, they were "ordered" to do so, sure. Dont we know this sh*t from history?!?! This was the standard "excuse" at Nuremberg, "I had to follow orders", sure, it did not work as an excuse then, it does not and will not work now. Seems like not much changed since then...

NHS Dr reveals Staff were ordered to “Euthanise” Patients to fraudulently increase COVID Death Count because Hospitals were EMPTY & Nurses were having TikTok Dance-Offs

"... little care given throughout the pandemic amounted to negligence..."

Absolutely no guarantees, this was sent to me, a document which is supposed to be a forensic examination regarding Graphene Oxide and the injection vials:


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