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Regarding pedophilia / homosexuality / heterosexuality


Someone sent me the following comment:
Grubby Jenkins
Memes, memes, and more memes.
@medicineman9 I spent 18 years ministering to people who were molested as children. They were molested by their fathers, mostly, so they were taken away and put in care of foster parents. Quite a few of the foster fathers were pedophiles, and they took the children in just so they could molest them and get paid for it. In the years that I performed this service, not one of the fathers or foster fathers was gay. I was astonished to find that grandfathers were mostly responsible for molesting their grandchildren, but in some cases, the parents sold their children to pedophiles to make money.

I also ministered to literally hundreds of gays, the vast majority of whom were molested as children. Nobody is born gay (even though some believe they were), none of them chose to be gay, and quite a few said they don't want to be gay. Every gay person was fully heterosexual at birth, so what was done to them, as children, can be reversed, enabling them to be fully heterosexual as God made them.


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