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JUNE 20-21, 2020

IN 1996, THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY began to implement its plan to put a mobile phone into the hands of every man, woman and child on Earth. The result, twenty-four years later, is the imminent extinction of all life. For the first time in human history, every person on Earth is an open source of microwave radiation. The honey bee in the banner above can no longer escape it.

End Cellphones Here On Earth (ECHOEarth) invites you to join us on her behalf, and on behalf of all other creatures, in cancelling your mobile phone account and becoming cellphone-free. 5G is spreading like a weed and SpaceX’s satellites are disturbing the very source of life. We are almost out of time.

ECHOEarth is an organization of people who do not own cell phones and whose mission is to end the root cause of the wireless web that is suffocating every living thing. Our new website has a mission statement and a signature page. We ask only for your name, country and email address. None of this information will be published anywhere or shared with anyone; we need it only to keep track of how many people are part of this campaign.

We ask as many people as possible to help launch this campaign by cancelling your mobile phone subscriptions on or before the solstice, June 20-21, 2020.

“If not now, when? If not me, who?” It starts with us. Please join us.


Ironically, the fear of repeating the disaster of the 1918 Spanish influenza is well-founded. But the world is afraid of the wrong thing. 1918 ushered in two things: a new virus and a new technology. It is the technology (radio waves), not the virus, that killed 50 million people. And it is the same technology (radio waves) that underlies the current pandemic. After a hundred years the world still has its head in the sand. Quarantines did not protect anyone in 1918. Masks, disinfectants, social distancing and quarantines have not protected anyone in 2020 and will not protect anyone against what is to come.

This pandemic began with 5G, wherever it was deployed.

“5G went online here two days ago,” wrote Gudrun from Seattle, Washington on December 8. “As soon as it was turned on, I began to hear a low frequency hum in my skull. When I visited Germany this summer, I heard the exact same signal and it was constant. I could notice it in the silence of the night. I was relieved coming back to Seattle not hearing it, until now.”

“I live in a high rise building with 12 mobile phone masts currently on my roof,” wrote Lilia from England on January 14. “Over the last year my health started to be affected, with pains in my bones, stomach and chest, heart pains, and pain in my solar plexus. I have calcification in my toenails, have been diagnosed with abnormal blood cells which have caused anaemia, and heart arrhythmia. I also put on 3 stone in weight out of nowhere.”

“AT&T just rolled out their 5G,” wrote Gwen from Mount Shasta, California on January 26. “I am now experiencing severe dizziness and head pains, hearing disturbances and eyes becoming sore. My neighbor has been experiencing the same.”

“We live in a stable yard in the country at the Borders,” wrote Lauraine from Scotland on February 11. “Overnight Telecom have come in and put down fibre optic cables to the homes and some go over our roof. Our neighbours are delighted to get 50 times faster internet but they are using wireless throughout their houses and each is a transmitter of the signal. Once the fibre optic cables were connected it was like living in hell. My head felt like a pumpkin exploding, my skin on my hands itchy and burning and my legs kept spasming and ached. I had tinnitus as a wireless whine, it was so intense, and I am suffering incredible headaches so that my head feels it will burst and the muscles on my neck are taught. I do not breathe and that is the trick, I have to force myself to breathe. In addition my eyes smart and burn.”

“I was ready to flee for my life a couple of days ago after I went into town and experienced 5G for the first time,” wrote Pat from Japan on February 29. “What surprised me was not my own body’s reaction to it, but the neuropsycho­logical effects I was seeing in people around me. That was scary.”

“We have a 5G 3.6GHz mast within 300m of our home,” wrote Angela from Australia on March 1. “Poor health and being tired have become normal for so many of my neighbours.”

“We have antennas with amplifiers which make them 4.5G,” wrote Michelle from Montréal, Québec on March 3. “Since November 2018 when they installed the antennas there are no spiders, no birds, no ants, no squirrels. People are sick and our domestic pets are also getting ill.”

“The Telus tower was activated in the middle of November and is approximately 120 meters from our home,” wrote Marcus from Gold River, British Columbia on March 17, “at eye level, as our home is located on a small mountain. My wife, who was recovering well from leukemia, began to go downhill when the tower arrived. She died on February 13.”

“I've been to the ER twice in the last 30 days for my heart,” wrote Ann from Colorado on April 15. “My arms/hands shake, my fingers quiver independently of one another, and the muscles on my back have recently gone into twitching sprees. My heart feels like it's got an electrical current burning through it. It feels like it wants to explode out of my chest. I live on the 10th floor of an 11 story apartment building. There are five 5G cell tower panels approximately 35 feet above my sofa. My eyes have drastically declined, my memory’s gone and since January I’m experiencing nausea on and off. I suffer exhaustion and sleep issues.”

“I am 46 and otherwise in good health,” wrote Andrew from Guernsey on May 5. “The authorities near me started testing 5G at the beginning of this year. Soon after they started, I and many others developed a persistent cough which lasted 3 months and has not completely gone.”

China’s 5G network began full operation on November 1, 2019. The COVID-19 epidemic began there two weeks later.

San Marino has had 99% coverage of 5G since December 17, 2018, with both 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz frequencies in operation. Today San Marino has by far the highest rate of COVID-19 cases and the highest number of COVID-19 deaths per 1,000 population in the world.

Iran does not have 5G. But it announced on February 13, 2020 that 4G -- which is actually 4G-LTE -- had gone into operation in “almost all cities, towns and villages across the country.” The coronavirus epidemic began in Iran less than two weeks later.

COVID-19 has doctors scratching their heads because they are seeing two epidemics at the same time in the same people: a respiratory virus, which they learned about in medical school, and an electromagnetic assault, which they did not learn about and have no understanding of.


Doctors “describe patients with startlingly low oxygen levels -- so low that they would normally be unconscious or near death -- talking and swiping on their phones,” reported the Washington Post on April 22. What the doctors don’t realize is that these patients are oxygen-starved and near death because they are talking and swiping on their phones, not just because of the virus. A 1977 experiment on animals found that exposure to low-level millimeter waves makes their cells unable to use the oxygen they are breathing: the cells in the exposed animals were using up to 64% less oxygen than the cells in the unexposed animals.

And it is not just their phones. The hospital environment is turning sick people into dead people because it is so packed with sources of electromagnetic energy. When I wrote my first paper on this subject in 1981, “Effects of Radiant Energy on Living Organisms: A Review of the Literature,” I was shocked to find, already at that time, that hospitals were one of the most electromagnetically polluted environments in modern society.

I was in my third year of medical school. CAT scans and MRIs were not yet available and records were kept on paper and not computers, yet the practice of medicine already involved thousands of different electrical and electronic devices. There were X-ray machines, diathermy machines, timer units, thermostats, treadle-operated switches, neurosurgical stimulators, ultrasonic devices, image intensifiers, and fluorescent lighting. Surgeons were exposed by electrosurgical units to higher levels of radio frequency radiation that was permitted in any other profession: up to 1000 V/m electric field.

Today, in addition, RF radiation pervades the floors of medical wards from wireless computers and access points, cell phones in the hands of every doctor and patient, communication antennas on the roof, wireless telemetry devices attached to patients, and a host of other diagnostic devices and procedures which did not yet exist when I was in school. It is a miracle that sick people come out alive, and in the case of COVID-19, they often do not.


In my last newsletter (“The Evidence Mounts”) I wrote about the deaths of tens of thousands of blue tits and other small birds immediately following the upgrade in wireless service from 2G to 4G-LTE in parts of Germany.

Paul Doyon, who is presently in Thailand, has just alerted me to an epizootic in horses that followed immediately upon the onset of 5G there. Telecom operator AIS officially launched 5G service in Thailand on February 21, 2020, and the first horse death occurred on February 24. The outbreak was declared on March 27 after 73 horses had died in Nakhon Ratachasima Province, just west of the city of Nakhon Ratachasima. Nakhon Ratachasima is one of the cities that was part of the initial rollout of 5G. The disease, which is being blamed entirely on a virus called African horse sickness, has killed 539 horses in Thailand as of May 18. It is also killing zebras, camels, donkeys and mules. Symptoms in infected animals include high fever, nasal discharge, lack of appetite, breathing difficulty and sudden death. African horse sickness has never appeared in Thailand before.


The Washington Post article referred to above was titled “A mysterious blood-clotting complication is killing coronavirus patients.” In spite of being put on blood thinners, the patients are developing blood clots and having strokes. In the United States, as many as 40% of COVID-19 patients are developing clots. In China 71% of COVID-19 patients who died had developed clots. Autopsies show lungs filled with microclots.

Young people in their 30s and 40s are having strokes in record numbers. As of April 21, Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan had treated more than double the number of stroke patients as the same time last year. On April 22, a New York doctor told CNN he had seen a sevenfold increase in the number of young people with strokes during the previous two weeks. At Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, a doctor removing a clot from a patient’s brain “saw new clots forming in real time around it” as he was pulling it out.

And it is all being blamed on a virus. But all of those patients, in those locations, were also being bombarded by 5G, which is bathing those communities with millimeter waves around the clock. New York City has had 5G since September 26. Grand Rapids has had 5G since December 20. And we know from the scientific literature that millimeter waves cause clotting.

In a 1978 study by Zalyubovskaya and Kiselev, “Effect of Radio Waves of a Millimeter Frequency Range on the Body of Man and Animals (JPRS 72956, 1979, pp. 9-15; translated from Gigiyena i Sanitariya 1978, no. 8, pp. 35-39), the authors monitored the health of 72 engineers and technicians aged 20 to 50 servicing millimeter wave generators. They observed “a tendency toward hypercoagulation” in these workers.


On May 3, President John Magufuli of Tanzania, dubious about the accuracy of PCR testing for COVID-19, announced the results from some blood samples that he had had sent to a laboratory. Blood from a goat, a sheep and a quail had been sent, as well as fluid from a papaya and a jackfruit. The goat and the quail tested positive for coronavirus. So did the papaya, whose sample had been submitted to the laboratory with the label “Elizabeth Anne, age 26.” The sheep and the jackfruit (labeled “Sara Samweli, age 45”) tested negative.


On May 5, the Nigerian Senate asked its Committee on Communications, Science, Technology and ICT, and its Committee on Health, to conduct a thorough investigation into 5G technology, and asked the federal agency responsible for telecommunications to suspend deployment of 5G “until a thorough probe to determine its suitability for human health has been achieved.”

“Senator Opeyemi Bamidele said it would be irresponsible of any government to subscribe to a technology that won’t be safe for its citizens,” reported the daily newspaper Punch.

Nigeria joins Slovenia and Papua New Guinea as countries that have suspended the deployment for 5G for health reasons.


SpaceX’s next launch of 60 satellites, originally scheduled for May 17, was postponed by Tropical Storm Arthur, and will not occur until after May 27.

I have received quite a few reports from around the world from people who have been experiencing heart palpitations for no reason since the last launch of 60 satellites, which occurred on April 22. I have been experiencing the same thing. Please contact me if you have been having heart palpitations for no apparent reason since about that time.

Arthur Firstenberg
P.O. Box 6216
Santa Fe, NM 87502
phone: +1 505-471-0129
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May 20, 2020

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