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It is always a honor to listen to the great Dr. Thomas E. Levy, I suggest you better listen to this:
Dr. Thomas E. Levy reveals formula to never be Ill using Vitamin C & Methylene Blue
I suggest you download both of Dr. Levys free ebooks here:

Sweet Wormwood is Artemisinin, which was recommended for use as an alternative for those who could not access Ivermectin during the plandemic as it also blocks the ACE2 receptors

Performance Medicine
In this episode of The Common Sense MD, Dr. Rogers talks about two over-the-counter medications that could be effective effective in causing regression of various cancer tumors.
17min - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vHEYYl9JqI

Dr. Peter McCullough on how to Remove Spike Proteins from the Vaccine and Prepare for Disease X | EP #085
Matt Kim Podcast
Streamed on March 21th,2024

I dont know if this is the best course of action - according to Dr. Bryan Ardis, heart damage can be healed by high dosage vitamine Bs - but I guess this is another approach to try if all else fails! Here:
Case Report: "Vaccine" Induced Myocarditis & Associated Heart Injury & Scarring CURED
2nd Smartest Guy in the World
Mar 21, 2024

Absolutely no guarantees, this posting mentions that "chlorophyll helps", as I guess it cannot do any harm and as this is the healing thread, I post it here:
Flowers for my sister. She died after taking the mRNA ’vaccine’.

”Chlorophyll helps.” I saw my dead sister in a dream after her death and she said those two words to me before I woke up. Actually, in my language, Finnish, the message was: ”leafgreen helps”. Maybe she meant the ’vaccine’ or maybe she meant our planet. I don’t know, but she was clearly upset.

It was not a happy dream. My sister was pale and crying. I believe the situation we humans are facing is very grave.

She was killed by the long-term effects of the mRNA toxic injections. She told me prior to her death that she had ”them all” because of her doctor’s recommendation. She took them in good faith, trusting the system because most people in my country are oblivious to dangers. She told me she couldn’t understand why she was so sick all the time all of a sudden when before, she didn’t ever get colds. It’s as if her immune system wasn’t functioning anymore. The symptoms she had prior to death included autoimmune problems, aggressive cancer, vanishing blood iron (down to 70) and electrolytes (lack of potassium and magnesium) which caused her heart to go into ventricular fibrillation in her sleep.

In essence, her heart stopped for over 14 minutes before she was brought back by a defibrillator. We thought her brain would never recover from the lack of oxygen, we were given zero chance, but she woke up the next day with her mind intact miraculously, razor-sharp.

I could have long conversations with her. It was as if she was sent back, on a mission. To give us love and maybe to show us that there are powers greater than we imagine and God is not happy with the situation how evil has taken over the Earth.

She would live for one month after recovering from heart failure. Then she got embolia, in other words *clots*, developing in her lungs. She received dissolving medicine but she lost her appetite and they refused to give her any intravenous nourishment. At the same time, as it later turned out, they gave her high doses of morphine on an empty stomach.

I believe the morphine killed her. The pain she had was pain from cranky joints from immobility, not cancer pains. I asked her before they gave her morphine if she had any pain and she said ”no” but they knocked her out with their ’medicines’ without our knowledge. She slept away after receiving a big dose of morphine and her breathing stopped.

After her death, there were long lines to all funeral services. And the statistics showed that the rate of the excess deaths reached the peak of 42% a few months after her death, to an immense silence from the official media.

I believe most of my comments get censored or hidden by platforms like Youtube. It’s the censorship-pharmaceutical-military-industrial complex, so I’m turning to places like Brighteon.

My sister’s neighbour also died within a day or two of taking the killer shot. I was told he died of the vaccine. The official line in my country (Finland) is that nobody has died of the mRNA injections. A big lie.

Additionally, a friend of mine developed a brain tumor after taking the injections but I gave her copious amounts of Greek mountain tea (Sideritis scardica, a detox and anti-inflammatory herb) and the tumor stopped growing and she’s feeling better.

Everybody I know seems to be having some kind of health problems if they took the injections. One person even got compensated for ’vaccine injury’ but she still continues to take the boosters. She’s a friend of my mother so I’m battling to convince my own mother not to take the killshots anymore. She wants to believe only in the positive things.

If they get away with this, what else do they have in store for us?

Thanks, I needed to get this off my chest without anybody censoring. I’m not giving medical advice for obvious legal reasons. I’m just telling what happened to my family and friends. There are countless similar tales by what I’ve seen. Some accounts are chillingly identical to what happened to my sister. I want to get the word out.


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