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Cancer cure thread (contains various pieces of information about cancer)

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The following text ties directly into the key aspects of why https://normalbreathing.com is so extremely effective in preventing and helping to cure cancer - it floods the body with oxygen. The "Samozdrav Comfort" breathing trainer https://samozdrav.com might be one of the best devices on the market to achieve this. Also read

From Amy Berger;
On the mitochondrial level, in the presence of oxygen, a healthy cell, the mitochondria will take in glucose and create 89% APT (work), while releasing 5.5% of each lactic and succinic acid.
The unhealthy cell, cancer for instance, this ATP can be reduced to as little as 5%, releasing as much as 20% lactic acid and 75% succinic, which acidifies the cells. A healthy body needs to be alkaline and oxygenated.
The healthy cells thrive in oxygen, and unhealthy cells can become a little healthier.
The healthy cells can use alternative energy from ketones just as efficiently as glucose. The cancer cell can't survive without glucose. In the absence of glucose and fermentation from a lack of oxygen, high oxygen reacts with the free radicals and destroys the cancer cells.
I don't think there's many studies being done on using something like a hyperbaric chamber on cancer, as it's commonly accepted that cancer is genetic, and I doubt many would find the funding for their studies. All of the studies are being done on the differences in the types of cancer. What is common across all cancers is the fermentation I spoke of earlier, and the lack of oxygen, respiration.
Ketones are non-fermentable fuel. It's not complicated. Remove the carbs, the fermentable fuel, and the tumor cells are going to die.
Somatic Mutation Theory SMT views the gene as a blueprint, which has been applied to all chronic diseases being caused by mutations, not just cancer.
There's a paper 100 years of Somatic Mutation Theory that looks at this with new eyes, showing carcinogenesis is a six-step multi sequence process, and the vast majority of cancers are not genetically driven.
All we have looked at is around 1-2% of the total DNA. 98% is supposedly noncoding.
Metabolic Origins Theory makes more sense. Instead of the problem being in the DNA causing the chronic diseases of the day, MOT would point to the mitochondria organelles floating in the cytoplasm.
Cancer cells use fermentation to protect themselves from oxygen. They prefer glucose where Alzheimer's is the inability of the brain to use glucose.
Cancer cells love glucose. They need glucose. And they do everything in their power to suck up as much of it as they possibly can, even at the expense of healthy tissue elsewhere in the body. Short of actually taking control of the motor functions of your arms and hands in order to pour you a giant bowl of sugar-frosted breakfast cereal and cram it down your throat, cancer cells do everything they can to ensure they have access to a never-ending supply of glucose.
just the primary fuel. Remember: cancer cells have mitochondria that are malfunctioning, reduced in number, or both. But that doesn’t mean 100% of their mitochondria are 100% useless. It just means that, compared to healthy cells, cancer cells require and metabolize more glucose, because even though some of their mitochondria can metabolize fats and ketones to some extent, relatively speaking, their mitochondrial capacity is severely compromised, and therefore, they fare much better using glucose. (Sorry if I’m stating the obvious here. I don’t want to harp on the details too much, but I do want to make sure we’re clear on what’s going on.) Cancer cells still metabolize small amounts of fats and ketones; they just don’t do it as effectively as non-cancerous cells that are replete with healthy mitochondria. (You can bet your sweet bottom we’ll come back to this when we talk about dietary strategies for managing cancer, but I wanted to make this point early on so that even here, you’ll start gaining some insight as to why ketogenic diets, by themselves, aren’t miracle cures for cancer.) . . .
. . . Here’s the super-speedy version, in case anyone’s forgotten the major highlights: Compared to healthy cells of the same tissue type, cancer cells have fewer mitochondria, mitochondria that are malfunctioning, or both. Since mitochondria are where cells generate the vast majority of their ATP—from fats, ketones, and carbohydrates—if mitochondrial energy production is compromised, the cell must rely on some other way of producing energy—a way that doesn’t require mitochondria. This other way, you’ll recall, is glycolysis, which takes place in the cytoplasm, and which, like the good ol’ Energizer bunny, can keep going, and going, and going, no matter how “messed up” the mitochondria are. (And because fats and ketones can only be metabolized inside the mitochondria, the main fuel source for cells with compromised mitochondria must be a fuel that can be metabolized outside the mitochondria, via glycolysis—that is, glucose.) But you’ll also recall, from this post, that, compared to OxPhos inside the mitochondria, glycolysis is very inefficient. It generates far fewer ATP from the same amount of starting material—in this case, glucose molecules. Therefore, in order to generate the same amount of ATP as healthy cells, with healthy mitochondria, cancer cells need to consume far more glucose.
Fires only continue to rage when something is fueling them, right? Curtains, books, carpet, clothing. Cancer continues to rage when it, too, has an abundant fuel supply to “burn through,” and most types of cancers’ favorite fuel is what again? Right, glucose.
Hence, cancer cells are sugar junkies. . . .
. . . But those of you who’ve ever tried -- *and failed**! --* to lose weight, manage your diabetes, reverse your heart disease, or improve your overall health by consuming a diet low in cholesterol, saturated fat, and red meat, and high in complex carbohydrates, fruit, vegetable oils, and whole grains, might have firsthand experience with two ideas:
Correlation does not equal causation.Just because something *sounds* logically plausible doesn’t mean it *is*.
With those ideas in mind, let’s take a look at the alternative theory of cancer etiology. This one is called the metabolic origins theory (MOT), and it holds that cancer is not caused by mutations to the genetic code, but rather, by abnormalities of cellular metabolism. The MOT says that the changes that occur when cells become cancerous are the result of an “[energy crisis][]” caused by major quantitative and qualitative malfunctioning of cells’ [main energy generators: the mitochondria][main energy generators_ the mitochondria]. The MOT does not ignore mutated DNA. BUT—and here we have the fundamental difference between the two theories—**whereas the somatic mutation theory posits mutated DNA as the *cause* of cancer, the metabolic origins theory holds that mutated DNA is an *effect* of cancer.** . . .

This is a 20 part series on the metabolic origin theory of cancer;

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Also see

Also read Jane McLellands book "How to Starve Cancer" see https://howtostarvecancer.com

And see https://healingcancernaturally.com

Two more substances which can also help cure cancer are fenbendazole, possibly combined with Ivermectin, see

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see the book "Cancer Care" by Dr. Paul Marik


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