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Fibromyalgia cure? Various possible causes and treatments for Fibromyalgia


If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, you might want to check out the so called "Inclined Bed Therapy", which is a free method and read the reports what other fibromyalgia sufferers have experienced by simply inclining their bed

You might also want to try the so called "Natural Sleep" by Matthias Draeger which is also free and which you can also read online in full text (I think this was published by Mr. Draeger himself or with his permission) at http://www.naturschlaf.com

Please also read "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia" and try Guaifenesin.

The three most important substances you can IMHO take are
1.) Vitamine C (see Dr. Thomas E. Levys books)
2.) Vitamine D (see books about this topic)
3.) Iodine (for example as Lugols Solution, see books about the topic)
All three must be taken in high dosage. Also take a good multi vitamine like "Life Extension Mix".

AFAIK there might also be a connection to lyme disease ("lyme disease, anatomy of a cover-up"), natural radiation fields at the sleeping place (water veins, this factor of natural or technical radiation fields at the sleeping place is VERY underestimated, please do not underestimate this), heavy metal poisoning (usually from amalgame fillings), focal infections (like root-filled teeth), atlas misalignment (see "Atlantotec") and sometimes parasites or microbial infestation. There might be more possible reasons, but please note doctors usually check none of the above mentioned ones, well, lyme perhaps, but the (cheap) standard test is unreliable and often yields false negative results.

Someone wrote me regarding Fibromyalgia: “probiotics help big time”, so according to this person, gut health also plays a vital role. 

Another free method is squatting, which is good for your overall health, see Jonathan Isbits "Nature Knows Best", which you can read online in full text for free at http://www.naturesplatform.com

Good sources for more health related information might be "http://www.Doctorsaredangerous.com" and "http://www.Mercola.com".

PERHAPS this book might also have some merits:

you might want to read


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