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Cellphone radiation and colony collapse disorder (aka mass death of bees)


Cellphone radiation is probably a major or even the MAIN factor in the mass death of bees / bees extinction ("colony collapse disorder):
Think about it when you use your smartphone the next time, or when you send the next batch of money to your cellphone company.

(Please note that my german sources have been saying exactly this for years and years, but "they" continue to pretend that they do not know the cause...oh and I am not saying that pesticides do not play a role, of course they do. In the end, you got dead bees, and a lot of dead apes with smartphones laying next to them.)

So get RID of cellphones, WLAN, DECT, repeaters, and all that harmful sh*t, if not for yourself, then for the bees. Use an "old style" cable telephone with a LAND LINE.


Destruction of brain cells
 Multiple sclerosis
Memory loss
Early Alzheimer's disease
 Heart attack
 Heart disease
 Cardiac arrhythmia
 Heart palpitations
High blood pressure
 Chest pain
 Brain cancer
 Breast cancer
 Thyroid cancer
 Lung cancer
 Prostate cancer
 Colon cancer
 Ovarian cancer
 Testicular cancer
 Respiratory infections
 Spontaneous abortion
 Birth defects
 Hair loss
 Hair losing color
 Broken bones
 Eye pain
 Dry eyes
 Retinal detachment
 Decreased sense of smell
 Hearing loss
 Inability to concentrate
 Sleep Apnea
 Carpal tunnel syndrome
 Muscle pains
 Joint pains
 Hip replacement
 Knee replacement
 Skin rash
 Depression in children
 Suicides by children
 Heart attacks in young people
 Strokes in young people
 Cancers in pets
 Shortened lives of pets
 Proliferation of cell towers to enable cell phones to work
 Proliferation of satellites to enable cell phones to work
 Disappearance of birds
 Deaths of birds
 Disappearance of bats
 Disappearance of insects
 Disappearance of worms
 Disappearance of frogs
 Disappearance of wildlife
 Deaths of wildlife
 Dead and dying plants
 Dead and dying trees
 Dead and dying marine life
 Child slavery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
 Genocide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
 Extermination of the lowland gorilla
 Genocide in West Papua
 Massive pollution of groundwater in China
 Enormous amount of electricity to power the cloud
 Enormous amounts of toxic waste
 Enormous amounts of discarded plastic
 Loss of touch with nature
 Social isolation
 Loss of touch with reality
Arthur Firstenberg
President, Cellular Phone Task Force
Author, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life
Administrator, International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
Caretaker, ECHOEarch (End Cellphones Here On Earth)
P.O. Box 6216
 Santa Fe, NM 87502
 phone: +1 505-471-0129
[email protected]
April 12, 2023


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