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Cellphone radiation and colony collapse disorder (aka mass death of bees)


Cellphone radiation is probably a major or even the MAIN factor in the mass death of bees / bees extinction ("colony collapse disorder):
Think about it when you use your smartphone the next time, or when you send the next batch of money to your cellphone company.

(Please note that my german sources have been saying exactly this for years and years, but "they" continue to pretend that they do not know the cause...oh and I am not saying that pesticides do not play a role, of course they do. In the end, you got dead bees, and a lot of dead apes with smartphones laying next to them.)

So get RID of cellphones, WLAN, DECT, repeaters, and all that harmful sh*t, if not for yourself, then for the bees. Use an "old style" cable telephone with a LAND LINE.


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