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Root causes for Tinnitus not widely known, plus additional tips


According to my information there are many possible root causes for Tinnitus which are usually ignored by allopathic medicine, and I can assure you that your doctor is NOT going to check any of this.

1.) Anything negatively affecting your sleep
If you cannot sleep well, you cannot regenerate, and at some point this will show itself in some way, for example in the nervous system which is most affected by something like that. So, making sure that your sleeping place is free of negative influences is VERY important. This is THE main reason which is usually involved in most chronic diseases, and as overlooked or ignored by allopathic medicine. Therefore
1.1. make sure that your sleeping place is not affected by natural (water veins, ask a dowser / diviner) and technical fields (radiation of any kind, ask a construction biologist). Especially water veins and magnetic lines. This is totally underestimated and usually involved in almost any chronic disease. Natural fields CANNOT be shielded, only solution is to find a better place for your bed. If you have a dog, the dogs sleeping place is usually ok, the place where the cat sleeps not (dog flees radiation, cats seek it).
1.2. make sure that your sleeping place is dark, well vented, temperature and humidity is ok, silent (use earplugs if you have to, preferrably wax), mattress is ok, slatted frame is ok, height of pillow etc. is ok. Try a buckwheat pillow. Use F.Lux or a similar software, or blue light protection glasses before going to sleep. DONT USE LED or "energy saving" lamps, far too much blue light. Only use regular light bulbs (Edison bulbs) in your house.
1.3. Incline your bed, this will improve your sleep and improve circulation see http://www.inclinedbedtherapy.com, aka this will be good for your nervours system. This is also supposed to help with Tinnitus. Get an earthing sheet, read the Earthing book. Make sure your head is either oriented towards north, south, or east, try what is best for you.

1.4. Switch to natural sleep by Matthias Dräger see http://www.naturschlaf.com

1.5. Dont use a cellphone / smartphone, especially not before sleeping, get rid of ANYTHING generating radiation (WLAN, DECT, Bluetooth, Smartmeters), dont let such stuff lay around somewhere near your bed. Get a damn demand switch for your fuse box or deactivate the fuse for your sleeping room when you go to sleep.

2.) Any nerve poisons, like
2.1. fluoride (for example in toothpaste, and in USA even in the water, Hitler used this stuff in the concentration camps to make prisoners indifferent. It is a strong toxin for the nervous system)
2.2. aspartame (probably also connected to the nervous system, for example in diet coke and 100.000 other industrial products)
2.3. glutamate (contained in almost every industrially processed food in far too large quantities. It is also responsible for the so called "China restaurant syndrome", as it is also used in excessive amounts by our slit eyed friends ;-)
2.4. mercury
VERY underrated, almost never diagnosed, contained in every amalgame filling. This stuff is a REALLY potent nerve poison. Totally ignored by medicine. Make sure you get a full detoxification before you take the below mentioned vitamines.
2.5. cadaveric poison
superpowerful poison generated by focal infections like root filled teeth. Totally ignored by medicine. Very important, very underrated, usually involved in most chronic diseases. 93 or 97% (forgot the number) of terminal cancer patients have root filled teeth. Cadaveric poisons are extremely poisonous. Extracting the tooth is not enough, you have to completely mill out the focal infection area including liquified bone etc., then completely sterilize the area, then keep the wound open by antibiotic strips inserted into the wound until the entire area healed. Then, and only then, the infection is removed. 99,9999% or something of dentists simply pull the tooth, so they are just just too incompent. They will tell you that they can do it though, which is usually a lie, they just want to make a profit and do not care.
2.6. all sorts of chemicals in your cosmetics, this stuff is full of sh*t
2.7 all sorts of other chemicals in your industrially processed diet
2.8 all sorts of pesticides, fungizides and herbicides in industrially produced fruits and vegetables
2.9 your diet itself will of course also affect your nervous system. There is a good reason there is no "Miss Fastfood".

3.) A large part of the population has a misaligned Atlas, see http://www.atlantotec.com/en, as women give birth while laying, which reduces the birth canal by 20 - 30%, which forces doctors / nurses to apply suction cups etc. to the head of the baby, which is unnatural and not intended by nature, as the babys bones are still very soft, so the atlas often shifts, more or less. The bones later harden and the atlas stays misaligned for the rest of this persons life. This puts constant pressure on certain brain and spinal nerves and constricts blood flow in the neck. If you often have headache and migraine, or chronic back pain, you are most likely affected. In some cases, this might also be the root cause for Tinnitus. Unfortunately, nobody can quantify the connection to Tinnitus and allopathic medicine is not going to make a study.  I do not know who is able to successfully correct an Atlas in USA / GB, perhaps these orthogonal atlas guys can do it.

4.) Very large parts of the population have a vitamine / mineral deficiency, especially
4.1. Vitamine C deficiency, read Dr. Thomas E. Levys books. Vitamine C protects 100% from stroke and heart attack if take in high dosage, and medicine knows this VERY WELL (50.000 studies have been made about Vitamine C). Stroke and heart attack is the killer Nr. 1.
4.2. Vitamine D deficiency, read good books about Vitamine D. The vitamine D level and general health are directly connected, aka if you have a lot of vitamine D, you will be healthy, if not, the opposite. Really simple.
4.3. Iodine deficiency, Selenium deficiency. Very large parts of the population affected, consequences are desastrous. Medicine knows this very well.
4.1., 4.2. and 4.3. are the 3 most important substances you can take in the current state of "civilization".
4.4. Take a good multi vitamine like "Life Extension Mix"

5.) In some cases Lyme disease (often undiagnosed) might play a role. Might, no guarantees, dont expect your doctor to be able to successfully diagnose Lyme.

6.) Switching to squatting is always a good idea, as this improves eliminiation / defecation, see http://www.naturesplatform.com

Now I surely forgot a lot of stuff, but so much for now. Usually it is a mixture of all these factors. You can freely share this posting (no copyright).


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