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Possible multiple sclerosis "cures" or at least things which should improve it


I would like to share a few pieces of information which might help with MS,
1.) http://www.inclinedbedtherapy.com There seems to be a connection to the so called "liberation treatment" which is supposed to help in some cases. Aka in some cases there seems to be a connection to blood flow problems.
2.) read "Lyme disease, anatomy of a coverup". So many cases of MS are "just" undiagnosed Lyme.
3.) Environmental medicine has been saying for years and years that one of the primary factors in MS is heavy metal poisoning (for example Mercury from amalgame fillings) so a heavy metal detofixifcation might help in many cases. Sometime it is also Aluminum or both.
4.) There might be a connection to the atlas problem http://www.atlantotec.com If the atlas is not in the correct position, it constantly puts pressure on brain nerves / spinal nerves and also blocks blood flow, which is another connection to 1.)
Deeper reason is the unnatural birth posture of women, which reduces the birth canal by 20 to 30%, which makes it necessary to pull at the babies head, which can shift the atlas, which puts constant pressure on the brain and spinal nerves and partially cuts off blood flow. Correct birth posture is squatting, not laying on the birth stool. See http://www.naturesplatform.com
5.) http://www.naturschlaf.com This might be generally helpful.

Generally, there might be a connection between MS and focal infections (like root filled teeth) and geopathological fields at your sleeping place as well. The latter is supposed to be usually involved in ANY chronic disease, as the body cannot fully regenerate over night due to this.

Oh and Happy Easter :-)

P.S.: Please also inform yourself about CBD oil and high dosage vitamine C (Dr. Thomas E. Levys books!), VERY important as well!

P.S.: A lot of this stuff can also help with Parkinson, Alzheimer, Morbus Crohn, Colitis Ulcerosa, Migraine, headache, diabetes, constipation etc., so I crosspost this in various other forums as well :-)

Here another interesting explanation that is connected to blood flow / iron, written by David Dorris at gab.ai:

I am having a stroke! There is nothing wrong with my immune system.

Multiple Sclerosis is theorized to be caused by an immune system that has become dysfunctional and is attacking the tissues of the body. I believe that diagnosing a physiological process of the human body as being dysfunctional is arrogant, shortsighted, and lazy! I have a plausible explanation for this apparent dysfunction.

Instead of this explanation,

I offer this explanation for my case of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS),

This venous malformation at the sigmoid sinus is seen on my Magnetic Resonance Venography (MRV).

This reduction in vein diameter causes serum ferritin to accumulate in the tissues of my brain. When this iron accumulation occurs at the brain the result is

(shock stapler)

reduced neurological conductivity. This is why the immune system is removing the myelin from the neurons and axons of the brain and in some cases cervical spine. The immune system is looking for the foreign invader that is stealing the brain’s electricity and most certainly is hiding inside the axons and neurons! There is nothing dysfunctional about the immune system. I submit the following image of my textbook example of a Cerebral Sinus Thrombosis (CVT).

The accumulation of iron is increasing resistance in the neuro-conductivity of the brain. The immune system is not dysfunctional, it is removing the myelin from the axons and neurons in its search for the foreign invader that is stealing electricity and is most certainly hiding inside the axons and neurons!

My case of this disease brings tangible evidence to the table that this incurable disease is actually an inexpensive and easily correctable condition. The American Medical Association and the medical industrial complex will never willingly admit that, blood iron is a poor semi-conductor of electricity, as doing so will result in, the complete disproval of the theory of the dysfunctional immune system and prove that many drug targets of the pharmaceutical industry are no longer needed. Diseases of the dysfunctional immune system are man-made diseases based on wrong-headed logic and corporate profits.

Also check out
about the connection of excess iron, bloodflow and multiple sclerosis.

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Many, if not most, MS (multiple sclerosis) cases are "just" undiagnosed lyme disease, see
Many cases are caused by an atlas misalignment
or heavy metal poisoning (usually from amalgame filled teeth, see ,https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/892573477370167296 or for example aluminum, see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6082361/Aluminium-cause-MS-Patients-levels-brains-ignored.html, thanks to cownation),
or focal tooth infection (like rootfilled teeth), this creates cadaveric poisons which can be measured in your saliva. There are also other methods to find focal infections, like special infrared cameras, or a so called cavitat scan.
In many cases, natural interference fields (water veins, magnetic lines) play a significant or even a determining role, aka if your sleeping place is located over such fields. This is supposed to be THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in ALL chronic diseases (!). Which is plain logical, because if your body cannot regenerate, you can never get better. Of course, also technical fields (EMF by power lines, radio alarms, cellphones, cellphone radiation, WLAN radiation, DECT radiation, powerline internet radiation) and toxins like moldspores or chemicals in your sleeping room can play a role.
Please note that most MS cases can be improved by simply inclining your bed, as this improves circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid, see
and read the testimonies
I guess most cases can also be improved by CBD oil, check out my channel, I linked some videos how to find good CBD oil or just do your own research.
Please note that there exists a treatment called "liberation treatment" for MS, which works in some MS cases (no guarantees)...this would also explain why the inclined bed therapy works in many MS cases. 

This might be generally helpful.

Please note that medicine / doctors check NONE of these factors, so if you think you can rely on medicine and doctors if you have MS, I wish you good luck, you will need it. I quickly wrote this posting as a sketch to help MS sufferers. If you know someone who suffers from MS, please forward this posting to him or her.

No guarantees. If you have a medical problem, please visit a doctor.
This posting is free of copyright (CC0). Distribute it freely!

I also think that you should read a book by Jeff T. Bowles about high dosage vitamine D therapy, he says that one of the primary reasons for MS (Multiple sclerosis) is vitamine D deficiency.


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