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How to solve the worlds energy problems

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Short version, perhaps I will somewhen write a long version with more details:
1.) There are countless ways by which society could save power WITHOUT reducing the quality of life, but this does not bring anyone any profit so nobody is interested.
2.) Rocket mass heaters can reduce firewood consumption by 80 to 90%, see
Here the operation principle:
Regarding the efficiency:
Also see
where you can also download a free plan how to build one!
As more than half of the total energy consumption of society is used for the generation of heat (as far as I remember at least, at least in the Northern hemisphere which is affected by cold temperatures), you can almost reduce energy consumption by 50% with rocket mass heaters alone. You could easily make an automatic feed and use this for block-type thermal power stations (electricity and heat generation). Same applies to southern countries for the generation of electricity for cooling.
3.) Hemp can replace fossil fuels entirely (!) and you can make biodegradable plastics from it
So helmp alone solves the 2 main world problems. I dont have any english links, just german ones.
4.) Solar heat plants in the deserts, see Desertec. I do not have an english text by Mr. Knies, "just" a german one, but the german one shows that this guy is very smart IMHO.
5.) Airborne windpower plants, see http://www.enerkite.de
6.) tidal power plants (and variants)
7.) http://www.marshallhydrothermal.com/

Oh and there exists a revolutionary, new salt water rechargeable battery system, see for examplehttps://www.elektroniknet.de/elektronik/power/der-salzwasser-akku-108903.html (developed by Aquion Energy)
(german though)

Interesting that you never hear about these things huh.

Please be so kind and forget conventional wind power and conventional photovoltaic power, thats plain sh*t, it harms the environment, destabilizes the grids (yippie more and more blackouts) and makes the electricity rates go up, up, up. You pay for it, and some private companies make the big bucks, who bribe the politicians btw. Etc., sorry that I dont have any english links explaining this in much greater detail.

Oh and please forget about nuclear power as well, nobody needs it. The above mentioned technologies (1 - 6) are sufficient. If we would not have the above mentioned technologies, we still could not need it, unless we have a totally secure reactor (which cannot have a thermal runaway due to physical reasons), which cannot be weaponized and we would need a totally sure way to store the radioactive waste. Oh and the exploitation of the nuclear material must be environmentally friendly. Good luck with all that. So, once again, nobody needs it.

Oh and PLEASE forget about free energy. Free energy would mean the end of mankind of course, and I am not talking about the idiotic military which would immediately build an EM(F) weapon or some kind of beam weapon, or some other sh*t like this, but I am talking about the general populace. ONE example, soon you would see youtube videos of boiling ponds, THE new way of cooking fish, AND it makes the pond totally sterile, so no algae bloom, and it costs NOTHING. ONE example. ONE.

New silicium based accumulator (german):
      Siliziumakku mit 10facher Energiedichte und verkürzter Ladezeit

Fast zeitgleich haben zwei Forschungsteams aus Deutschland und Norwegen einen Akku auf Silizium-Basis gebaut, der im Vergleich zu der gewöhnlichen Lithium-Ionen-Technik weit mehr kann. (Der ganze Wüstensand enthält Silizium)
Der neuartige Akku aus Deutschland beispielsweise weist die zehnfache Ladekapazität auf und auch sein Ladevorgang dauert nur wenige Minuten. Wie haben die Forscher diese Energiedichte bei dem Akku ermöglicht?

Das Exponat wird die ganze Messewoche auf dem CAU-Stand C07 in Halle 2 ausgestellt.
Am Dienstag 24. April 2019 stellt Sandra Hansen um 11:30 Uhr und um 14:30 Uhr ihre Forschungen zur neuartigen Siliziumbatterie vor.

Kommentar von Rolf Keppler: Anstatt Siliziumbatterie sollte man die Sache als Siliziumakku bezeichnen.
Eine Batterie ist eigentlich nicht nachladbar.

Bei bisher 500 Ladungen und Entladungen am Institut hat sich zudem gezeigt, dass der Akku in zwölf Minuten aufgeladen wird, im Gegensatz zu etwa fünf Stunden, die für einen entsprechenden Akku in aktueller Lithium-Ionen-Technik benötigt würden.



The small japanese car manufacturer "Mazda" managed to create a gasoline (petrol) engine called "Skyactive-X" which needs up to 30% (!) less fuel than ALL comparable gasoline (petrol) engines on the market, which is a great breakthrough and sensational IMHO.

Unfortunately, you almost hear nothing about this breakthrough, because the agenda is currently that everyone should buy an electric car - which are inefficient, far too expensive, harm the environment, are dangerous etc. etc., see
Electric cars are sh*t for your health too, they cause very high milligauss in EMF, we considered going hybrid/electric but the health toll would be too high

If you need a new car it would therefore be advisable to support this brave little car company "Mazda", which builds great cars btw with great value for money, and they are almost as reliable as Toyotas.

Toxic Reverend

(Toxic R&D Work In Progress)
Oct 23 2021 · 9:24 AM
Many automobiles can operate with 50% Ethanol and 50% Gasoline and or 100% Ethanol {with modifications}

And there are ways to make Ethanol yourself, with some estimates as low as $1 a gallon. Though some methods involve using Methane Gas {captured from garbage dumps and or manure} as a heat source for distilling fermented garbage.   

"Dig" Besides the cited main web page of "Alcohol Can Be A Gas"
where you can find all of the information, I have assed a few links
in the Replies / Comments, at my Minds Posting

Specifically; "IF" you "look Around" at the next link, you can find
all of the information that you should need, to make your own
Ethanol and or operate your vehicle.


"Alcohol Can Be A Gas"


Note that at this time, Ethanol
sells for around $2 and 22 Cents a Gallon {according to a search I did}
Market research Results at

Archive Wayback Machine Copy of the Ethanol price
search results from August 29, 2021 at $2.22


In the United States flex-fuel vehicles are also known as "E85 vehicles".

The most common fuels used by FFVs today are unleaded gasoline and ethanol fuel. Ethanol FFVs can run on pure gasoline, pure ethanol (E100) or any combination of both. {Wikipedia}


Also see
Die wahrheit über Bio-Ethanol Krafstoff [E10, E50, E85]
1.495 Aufrufe
1680 Abonnenten

Found this on minds.com:
Also why they suppress better alternatives than stored energy. Ammonia is just one alternative that is much cheaper and cleaner than traditional gas.


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