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Hemp Plastic is the SOLUTION for the plastic problem!!!


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Btw hemp is also the solution for practically every other serious world problem, for example world energy problem, oil problem etc..

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These hempcrete blocks are a green building material made with a hemp-lime insulation mixture packed around a biocomposite structural frame.  They can be stacked like bricks to build walls up to 30 feet high and they become the insulation and the structure of the building.  All you need to do after the walls are built is plaster the inside and outside, and then add windows, doors, and a roof! 

The hemp plant sequesters carbon during its growth, and lime, as it dries, reabsorbs the carbon that was released when it was manufactured, which means the hemp-lime mixture is carbon negative (it sequesters more carbon than it creates in its life cycle).  Terry Radford from Just BioFiber says that these hempcrete blocks will sequester about 10 tons of carbon per house.

Just BioFiber is located in Alberta, Canada and you can find out more about their hempcrete blocks here:

Not only is this an environmentally friendly building material, it also creates a comfortable living space.  The hempcrete helps to regulate temperature and humidity, it reduces noise transmission through the walls, it's fire-resistant, and it's non-toxic.

This is an incredible green building technology and we can't wait to see Just BioFiber ramp up their block production so that we can start to see hempcrete buildings popping up all over the world. 

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Hemp field clip by Hempbassadors

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👉1. One hectare of hemp produces as much oxygen as 25 hectares of forest.
👉2. I repeat, one hectare of hemp can produce as much paper as 4 hectares of wood.
👉3. While hemp can be made into paper 8 times, wood can be made into paper 3 times.
👉4. Hemp grows in 4 months, the tree in 20-50 years.
👉5. The hemp flower is a real radiation trap.
👉6. Hemp can be grown anywhere in the world and requires very little water. In addition, because it is able to defend against insects, it does not need pesticides.
👉7. If hemp textiles become widespread, the pesticide industry could disappear completely.
👉8. The first farmers were made of hemp; even the word “KANVAS” is the name of hemp products.
Hemp is also an ideal plant for making ropes, cords, bags, shoes, hats.
👉9. Reducing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation in the treatment of cannabis, AIDS and cancer; It is used in at least 250 diseases such as rheumatism, heart, epilepsy, asthma, stomach, insomnia, psychology and spinal diseases.
👉10. The protein value of hemp seeds is very high and the two fatty acids in it are not found anywhere else in nature.
👉11. Hemp is even cheaper to produce than soybeans.
👉12. Animals fed cannabis do not need hormone replacement.
👉13. All plastic products can be made from hemp, and hemp plastic is very easy to give back to nature.



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