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"Acquired" Gilbert Syndrome via heavy metal poisoning



I will try to find and add english information here that supports the theory that is is possible to acquire gilberts syndrome via heavy metal poisoning.

At the moment, I almost do not have any english information about this but I will try to get some english infos.

Here is an infobit from the english EZ Board:



Hi Medizinmann

thanks for your comments. I am merely keeping the candida at bay at the moment with diet and probiotics. I will use antifungals when I have chelated mercury. My biological dentist will do something called an Oberon check, which sounds very similar to what you are suggesting.

I have to say your view that Gilberts can be acquired through heavy metal toxicity is a revelation to me and probably others on this board. Do you have any links that support that? It was a bit of a puzzle to me, as none of my family have Gilberts. This is also the view of this Gilberts sufferer, who also had Crohns and mercury toxicity. He recovered fully after amalgam removal.


I can now look back and see the signs of mercury toxicity since my childhood - frequent urination, hormone imbalances, strange allergies, frequent infections, food intolerances, digestive problems, chronic sinusitis, constipation, underactive thyroid, and now, finally, chronic fatigue. everything was leading to this. I am furious about the dentist who put 13 mercury amalgams in my mouth, and all the dentists who subsequently worked on my amalgams without shielding me from the vapour. And I look at my three children and see signs of mercury toxicity in all of them, particularly my middle daughter, who I think already has an underactive thyroid at the age of 7. I had a crown placed when I was pregnant with her.



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