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Regarding motor oil change intervals



Hm only 7.500 km...these extremely low oil change intervals seem to be some US american / canadian "fetish" and are somehow typical for your supercapitalistic countries...most likely the engine oil is still in perfect condition after 7.500 km, especially if it is a high quality fully synthetic oil, but throwing it out and putting a new oil in surely makes money for someone, lol. The oil filter should also last considerably longer (ca. 20.000 km). Please do your research.

With Roil Gold, the oil should even last much longer, but as the filter needs to be changed every ca. 20.000 km, I suggest changing everything at 20.000 km.

Just make sure you use a HIGH QUALITY motor oil, EXACTLY as specified by the MANUFACTURER.

I suggest you take a look into your cars / engines manual and look up the engine oil intervals recommended by the MANUFACTURER.

For example, I change my motor oil in my toyota yaris 1.0 gasoline every 15.000 km (as it is recommended in the manual), and the filter of course.
So you can save quite some additional money by checking out the real manufacturer recommendations for your car / engine.

Then, add roilgold after your next oil change, or, if you really drive a lot, just put it in immediately (savings then probably outweigh waiting) and stretch oil change interval to the value recommended by manufacturer. 

Buy good oil:
for example Liquimoly:
If Liquimoly is too expensive or not available in USA, just search for the best one you can find (fully synthetic!) and fulfills the specifications by the MANUFACTURER.
Also check out this:
(the break in info is questionable though, it will probably work exactly the same, but perhaps takes longer for the engine to break in...).
(BTW if you put synthetic in and your engine gets louder and looses much more oil, then the engine is worn out...and thats the problem, so it is NOT the fault of the synthetic oil.)
IF YOU (OR THE GARAGE etc.) DO AN OIL CHANGE, THE MOTOR MUST BE HOT SO IT ALL DRAINS PROPERLY. Make sure you (or they) give it the time to drain completely.
Also important:

Also look up instructions how to drive an automatic more fuel efficiently, perhaps there are some tricks. I personally just know how to drive a manual car much more fuel efficiently.

Also check out:


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