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About the atlas problem, if you have back pain, frequent headache or migraine...


...you are most likely affected by an atlas misalignment!!
(and a longer list of other possible ailments)

Just in case you do not know yet, humans are dumb and unfortunately use the wrong birthing posture "thanks" to the so called "medical" birth stool, which forces women into a lying position, so the birth canal is too narrow / tight and doctors / nurses then must use a suction cup, aka use a certain amount of force, aka they must put a certain force on the babys head, to get the baby out. This is why humans are the only mammal who have such big problems with birth. Read about this particular problem at http://www.naturesplatform.com in the gynecological section of the book
In the unnatural lying position, the birth canal is reduced by 20 - 30%, this was measured and compared to the squatting position!
babys bones are soft, so the atlas can easily shift during birth. Later, bones harden and the problem unfortunately often remains for the rest of the life of this person.

If you now think that "modern medicine" should be able to identify this problem by X-Ray / CT / MRT you are wrong (sort of), or lets say, "half right", because of course the problem IS VISIBLE on a spiral CT of the cerebral spine (C1 vertebra) region, IF you know that there is a problem and IF you use the right CT settings. The problem is that
a) medicine works partially on a comparison basis and as almost everyone is affected by a slight atlas misalignment by now, most doctors "dont see" the problem anymore, as they think that everyone has a small atlas misalignment which they suppose is inconsequential. But this assumption is a GRAVE ERROR.
b) the atlas shift is usually only a few degrees (see a), therefore you could call it only a "small misalignment", but this "small" misalignment can cause a long list of SERIOUS health problems. This depends on the anatomy of each individual person, so it is possible that a large shift remains symptom-free, while a small shift creates massive symptoms like lifelong migraine and/or lifelong back pain (!). And a lot of other ailments, see the atlantomed main page for a complete list (glossary).

As far as we can tell, almost everyone is affected as women generally use the lying position while giving birth, but not everyone shows symptoms.

On of the problems with all that is that if you have an accident later on, for example many years after birth, for example like a whiplash injury, an already slightly misaligned atlas can easily shift further, which can create catastrophic and probably permanent symptoms probably for the rest of your life, while doctors tell you that you are "fine" and "cannot see" the problem, even if they sit right in front of it. If the atlas would be in the right place when the accident happens, usually nothing would happen, as the atlas/axis connection is sufficiently strong, so your neck would probably snap first, and then you are usually dead <-- lol

To make a long story short (my mother tongue is german and I need more time to make english texts) read all about it in great detail at http://www.atlantotec.com/en
(new link https://atlantomed.eu/en )

Please note that checking the Atlas position by an Atlantomed (previously "Atlantotec") therapist is free of charge, at least here in Europe. It only requires very small "finger pressure" to detect the position of the atlas bone (left and right side) and takes only 1 - 2 minutes, so it should be perfectly safe. So a CT is not required, it can also be determined manually by a atlantomed therapist.

Unfortunately, there are currently no Atlantotec therapists in USA (November 19th, 2022), so if you want to get your Atlas checked, you need to come to Europe. Or find someone who can do it in the USA, please note most therapists CLAIM they can do it, but if they really can - and can do it without harming you - is an entirely different question. Which I know from first hand experience, because I went to munich in 2002 to get my atlas fixed, but they could not do it (back then by Atlasprofilax), at least not fully. Had to go to an atlantotec therapist a few years ago (2015) to get my atlas finally fixed (as I had severe back pain for 6 months, after the "final" atlas correction the back pain faded within two weeks, the reason is that bad spinal posture usually disappears automatically after an atlas correction, as the spine automatically "rearranges" itself in an anatomically correct fashion).

The only people in USA who I know of who can probably do it (and hopefully without causing any harm) are these orthogonal atlas guys, see the book "the best kept secret to raising a healthy child" by Dr. Wehrenberg.

Sorry for my clumsy english ;-)

I collected an additional piece of information, a substance called "Ketamine" is supposed to help with pain, but no guarantees, I did not (yet) research that:


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