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About the atlas problem, if you have back pain, frequent headache or migraine...


...you are most likely affected!!
(and a longer list of other ailments)

If you do not know Humans are dumb and use the wrong birthing posture, so the birth canal is too tight and doctors / nurses then must use a suction cup to get the baby out. This is why humans are the only mammal who have such big problems with birth. Read about this particular problem at http://www.naturesplatform.com in the gyneological section.

Furthermore, nurses handle babies a certain way, which can overstress the atlas. babys bones are soft, so the atlas can shift. If you now think that "modern medicine" would be able to identify this problem by X-Ray / CT / MRT you are wrong,
a) medicine needs a comparison basis and almost everyone is affected
b) the shift is only a few degrees
c) you need a special and extra expensive CT (in german "Spiral CT") with special settings to find the problem and then you need a specialist who especially looks at the atlas region to identify the problem.

So, almost everyone is affected, but most people only "slightly", so it goes unnoticed in most people.

Main problem - if you have an accident later on, like a whiplash injury, an already out of place atlas can shift further, which creates catastrophic and probably permanent symptoms probably for the rest of your life, while doctors tell you that you are "fine". If the atlas is in the right place, nothing would happen, as the atlas/axis is very strong, so your neck would most likely snap first, and then you are usually dead <-- lol

To make a long story short (my mother tongue is german and I need more time to make english texts) read about it at http://www.atlantotec.com/en

Please note that checking the Atlas position is free of charge and that there are currently no Atlantotec therapists in USA, so if you want to get your Atlas checked, you need to come to Europe. Or find someone who can do it in USA, and please note they all say they can do it, but almost nobody can. Which I know from first hand experience, because I went to munich in 2002 to get my atlas fixed, but they could not do it (by Atlasprofilax). Had to go to an atlantotec therapist a few years ago to finally get it fixed (had severe back pain for 6 months, after the correction it faded).

Sorry for my clumsy english.


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