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Das Märchen vom E-Auto bzw. Elektroauto (Tesla und co.)

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Hier ein englisches Video:
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Will Electric Cars Save The Planet? Or Is It Just Propaganda?

siehe dazu auch den folgenden englischen Text:

THE 'IDIOT' PROBLEM : After walking away from the sheer stupidity of the EV debate in 2017, where I had previously developed an international network to examine and determine precisely how EV's might work from an implementation perspective, and finding very quickly what a total shit show it was, and how everyone in the sector was a delusional moron, I didn't bother keeping too up to date with the basic data.

So, here's a little something. We're talking here about pure EV's, so not hybrids or hydrogen, and especially not hydrogen, as that would be an ever deeper hole of dumb to go down.

Breakdown of the number of cars in the UK by fuel type:

Number of petrol stations:

Number of EV charging devices:

I know that not all petrol stations have the same number of pumps, so a general rule of thumb previously was to take an average of 10, so this means that the number of pumps to petrol and diesel cars is 0.3%.

The equivalent for EV's is 10% and they make up 1.2% of the market.

The amount of bitching we hear about not enough chargers at a rate of 10% means that the idiot goal of all EV's means a need not for 300,000 chargers, but 3.3 million, and even then they will cry.

Has any moron thought what this means in terms of resources? Has any moron thought what this means in terms of impact to the environment that EV delusionists claim they are saving? Do any of these virtue signalling fuckwits have the remotest ability to muster a brain fart of comprehension?

Add to this; I am still reeling at National Grid 'boss' Graeme Cooper telling me directly that there was more than enough capacity to deliver a total EV market domination, with no impact to the grid, yet when an apparent 'less than 4%' ( ) gas supply from Russia is removed from the equation, we go into energy meltdown.

Top to bottom, this 'innovation' is dominated by total retards.

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Damit Autofahren trotz Klimakrise weiter möglich bleibt und zugleich der CO2-Fußabdruck verringert wird, setzen die auf ihr Überleben bedachte Automobilindustrie und die EU-Kommission auf Elektroautos. Doch in ....


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