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This MIGHT be a cure for hirsutism / PCOS / endometriosis


Citation from http://www.naturesplatform.com/health_benefits.html:
"Damage to this nerve (pudendal nerve) has serious consequences for pelvic health. The uterus and ovaries depend on continuous feedback from the brain (via the pudendal nerve) to maintain proper hormonal balance."
"Why Women Are More Susceptible
Pelvic floor nerve stretch injury, the root cause of most pelvic disease, affects women more frequently than men. One reason is that the vaginal canal is a structural gap which is more vulnerable to the unique stress produced by the sitting toilet."

Therefore, pudendal nerve damage (overstretching of the pudendal nerve) might be the real cause of hirsutism and PCOS.

At least from my point of view thats a more sensible theory than all the theories I heard from allopathic medicine so far.

If you try squatting and if you find it improves your PCOS or hirsutism please forward this information to hirsutism / PCOS forums / support groups etc. etc. !!!
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As the body is a perfect machine and numbers of affected women are so high it must be something most women do and/or something most women are vulnerable to.

It is well documented that the pudendal nerve controls the ovaries and therefore the hormone production, and that the pudendal nerve is overstretched and therefore damaged by defecating in the sitting position.

So the theory makes sense and is surely more sensible than ANYTHING school medicine came up so far.

But school medicine is not going to verify this theory, as medicine logically does not have any interest in finding a cure which does not cost anything - squatting.


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