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Some thoughts about my Forum and what it should be good for etc.


Hello and welcome to Gilberts Syndrome forum :)

This forum here gets backed up regularly, it is always at the location
(= a forwarder that forwards to the actual forum location).

We currently have 2 admins Bigmam and me (Medizinmann99).

Altough I fear bigmam is not so familiar with the english language, she will still be able to run the forum if for example an asteroid from outer space falls on my head (or something). So the forum should be "future proof", at least to a certain extent :-)

Please act accordingly to what you agreed to do or not to do in the registration agreement - plus the below mentioned things :) :

Please participate in the forum, especially when you can provide information that others might not yet have.

So please if you have a valuable information that others probably dont, make a posting (preferrably in the appropriate subboard if it already exists, if not just make it one board above) so that others can benefit from your information.

You can do so for example when you do a blood test (report your bilirubine levels) and then take some substances that are supposed to help with GS you can report back and also report the results of a 2nd blood test if the substances helped you. Or you can post personal experience reports with medicines and stuff that you think helped you. Etc. etc. etc. I think you get the idea. 

Also, as in my personal opinion having Gilberts Syndrome is already enough a pain in the ass I also ask you to also share good and cheap suppliers for drugs and medicines that might help with gilberts syndrome so that people here can save money too because every medicine costs money and money is "rare" (currently we have the 2nd big world depression thanks to our greatest and best system, capitalism).

But remember that money is not everything when it comes to medicines, also the quality needs to be right, it does not serve anyone to get "double poisoned" by the reduced detoxification ability that comes with GS and by a substandard or worthless medicine bought at some fraudulent backstreet vendor.

Still, the price differences regarding medicines are often ridiculous and you can very often get 1:1 the same medicine from some other vendor for a much, much lower price (I have some ridiculous examples about all this what shows how big the profit span is in many cases...).
This is what I am talking about, please share such information if you found such a good source or if you can see on this forum that all known other sources are more expensive. I think you get the idea  :)

If you see some information on any other board that you consider to be important please make a thread and copy it here into my board or notify me of it. Forums come and go because hosters pop up and die all the time and most forum hosters are too silly to make regular forum backups (also, many forum hosters dont even offer the possibility to backup the forum, because this costs A LOT of bandwith and bandwith costs money). It is always advisable to have important information stored in as many places as possible. It does not harm anyone to have the same information double and triple, but it does harm one if the information does not exist at all because then someone might be missing out an important information that might have helped him or her. Just watch the english EZ Board which has a habit of continually falling apart and loosing postings ("posting missing and cannot be restored"). In some threads, I would really be interested "what was there" but it is impossible to find that out now, as it disappeared in the electronic nirvana.

So much for the moment,

Forum Administrator


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