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Classical music 2.0 - 432 Hertz, the dawn of a new golden age of music?


Dear forum,

I would like to introduce you to a possibly revolutionary musical development - classical music in 432 hertz, AND correctly or "naturally" tuned (so called "open fifths")!

Just listen for yourself - IMHO VERY well invested 20 minutes - please use your best headphones (holberg suite):

Isn't this exquisite?

I think, if you can listen through this and remain emotionally unaffected, you are probably a stone ;-)
(or have VERY bad sound equipment)

So why is 432 hertz AND the correct tuning so important? Read about it here:

The difference to other, "wrongly tuned" versions of the holberg suite from my point of view aka my personal impression:
...your version of the holberg suite just oozes emotion, it touches the heart, it “has something” all other versions lack, at least the ones I heard so far and I listened to many by now...your version just seems to directly touch the heart and the “emotional content” that the music is supposed to carry gets through unfiltered, while the other versions somehow seem filtered, they “dont get through”, as if they have some sort of veil covered over them, or as if there is some sort of “barrier” in them. Some of these other recordings might have been “technically” a –>littlebit<—superior to your version, at least partly, but still, this “technical perfection” could NOT lift this “mysterious veil”!!
So, I can listen through other versions and can remain emotionally quite unaffected, but I CANNOT do so with your version, and I think, this “says something”...

Here an interesting description how Ivan Yanakiev fell for 432 Hertz music:
The first time Ivan Yanakiev heard an instrument tuned to 432 Hertz, he says, it was like he'd heard God speak.

In the men's dressing room at the Musical Drama Theatre Konstantin Kisimov in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, Yanakiev, a young, National Academy-schooled conductor, had his friend, Velimir, tune his cello down eight Hz from the standard A=440Hz. They were arranging an experiment.

Velimir, "a skilled cellist," Yanakiev told me, started in on the prelude to Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1 in G major."

"So, la, si, so, si so, si, so/ So, la, si, so, si, so, si, so," Yanakiev sings to illustrate. It's one of the most often performed and well known pieces by Bach, but in that backroom rendition, transposed not even a half of a piano key lower, the song sounded fresh and exciting.

"It was a channelling of pure light and love that vibrated through the whole room," he said. "It was new. It was brilliant."

In November 2013, along with Alexandros Geralis, Yanakiev cofounded the 432 Orchestra. The group is comprised of 12 string players, some borrowed from the best professional ensembles in the country, and is led by the two conductors, all of whom work for no more than goodwill to explore and profess the power of that particular frequency. So far, they've made two recordings and they're fundraising to take their show on the road, hoping to concert throughout Europe.

Yanakiev is resolute: "432 Hz is a vibration that has to be spread around the world." For him, it's not just pleasant to the ear; it's a profound key capable of unlocking mysteries on the level of consciousness itself.

So - if you realize it or not, since ca. the 1950s we might have been plunged into a dark age of music, because of the advent of 440 hertz music and the "modern tuning" system!!!

IMHO they STOLE the music from us, they CRIPPLED our music!!!!

This is why I think it is SO important to support this particular orchestra.

Please become a patron at patreon.com,
or just search for 432 there, or donate at their main site!

Please note that the 432 chamber orchestra is the FIRST AND ONLY chamber orchestra IN THE WORLD which has tuned its instruments to 432 Hertz AND uses a "natural" tuning system!!!

If this orchestra becomes successful, it might very well inspire other orchestras to switch to 432 hertz and a better, more natural tuning system, which might lead to a revival of classical music as a whole (classical music is currently in STEEP decline!!!), and as a result all music might somewhen be switched to 432 Hertz and better, more natural tuning systems, which might lead to the dawn of a new golden age of music and have a very positive influence on society as a whole!!!

This is why I think there is a lot more at stake here than just the fate of "another chamber orchestra"!

Please forward this information if you think this is important :-)

Thank you,

best regards,


P.S.:Why is correct tuning so important? Please listen to this:
There exists a book about correct tuning, called
"How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony (and Why You Should Care)" by Ross W. Duffin:
Please note the title says RUINED - and not "changed for the worse" or something - RUINED!!!!!

P.P.S.: Please note that 99,9999% of the so called 432 Hertz music for example on youtube was just slowed down by a computer, or "repitched". But it is not THAT simple...ALL instruments have to be tuned in 432 hertz AND tuned in a natural tuning system BEFORE recording, and THEN it must be recorded "originally" if it should be "REAL" 432 hertz music!!!
I am not saying that ALL 432 hertz music on youtube is lacking or "bad" - SOME pieces are REALLY good, even if they were created by a computer or "synthetically", for example on a keyboard and reprocessed by a computer etc..


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