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I recently came to the conclusion that the atlantotec guys are a better
choice than the atlasprofilax guys:

I fear there are no atlantotec therapists in USA, but if you ever go on
vacation in Europe, I suggest you go to one of these guys and let
him/her check your atlas position. Checking is free.

I "should have been corrected" in 2004 already (back then, there was
only Atlasprofilax available). As it turned out now, my atlas position
was "only" bettered in 2004, but it was still not fully correct. I knew
because I developed back pain 2 months ago and this is not supposed to
happen to "atlas-corrected"-persons. So I concluded either the whole
atlas-theory is garbage or I am still not corrected. It turned out to be
the latter. I think I could even feel it when the atlantotec therapist
touched me to determine the atlas position, one of the parts of the
atlas seemed to "stick out" farther on one side. I got my
"atlantotec-correction" some days ago and feel very good overall. I
think this finally fixed my atlas. Costs 250 EUR though. My back pain is
getting better each day (before the atlas correction, it stayed "fixed"
and did not really change). Very, very interesting. These guys work very
My before and after photos already showed an obvious improvement of
posture. Either that, or they have a small chinese photoshop guy in a
drawer who does a quick photoshop manipulation in the timeframe when you
get your atlas corrected. This was an interesting experience.

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