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glaucoma cure?


the posting by jpi108:
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I had prediabetic glaucoma and lost the sight in my right eye in 2005 at the age of 55, despite using the prescribed eyedrops. About a year later, I started having the same symptoms in my left eye. Instead of going back to the opthalmologist, I searched the web and found that urine eyewash might help. As soon as I started, lots of white, viscous fluid poured out of both eyes. The sight in my "good" eye improved quite a bit, but was still not back to normal. Then I started Earthing and that finished the job. Now, in 2015, my left eye is still perfect. The right eye is gone forever. So, now I'm a walking symbol of the limitations of modern medicine and the power of alternative medicine.

By the way, this is where I learned about urine eyewash: www.whale.to/.../urine_therapy1.html  . It describes how the former president of India cured his cataracts that way. And this is the home-made earthing device I've been using: www.naturesplatform.com/earthing.html


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