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Something about womens health:
What's really funny about feminism is that they don't seem to care at all about areas where women are obviously being left in the dirt. Yes, modern day.

Health. Women's health is a fucking train wreck. I spent an hour on google and created for myself a diet and exercise plan to maximize my hormone levels naturally. There's hundreds of studies on the effects of various nutrients and how to use food and exercise to increase or regulate testosterone. There's hundreds of studies on phytoestrogens and their negative effects and why and where to avoid them. It's so well understood how to maximize your hormonal health in men that there's plenty of articles written in plain language on it.

Then I go to try and create the same sort of regimen for my female family and friends, and I run into shit like, "boost your estrogen levels with phytoestrogens!" Bro it's a fucking endocrine disruptor. Yes, you can get some benefits. While you slowly lose your ability to regulate your hormones. Men's health knows to avoid them, women's health doesn't seem to know anything.

Retarded. Hell, the go-to solution to every single hormonal issue in women for the last 60 years has been lifelong hormonal treatment. THAT if they stop taking, they will have worse symptoms than when they started. Often they will develop worse symptoms just by taking it. No fucking wonder women today are often unhealthy.

Probably a dozen times I've been in arguments with women about how terrible birth control is. They always start out super defensive, but when they see the science behind it, when they see what it actually does to their body, when they see the supervillian-looking fucker who invented it, they tend to come over to my side.

Anyway, rant over. Stop taking hormones, it's not good, it hurts more than it helps, the doctors are lying to you. Get quality exercise, good sleep, eat right, and take a multivitamin if you need to (you do).

Here's the cartoonish mother fucker who invented birth control, for reference

No guarantees, 1 quart distilled water, 1 teaspoon good salt, 1 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate:
This is an advice by Dr. Hazel Parcels:


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