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Please note that my mother tongue is german. The following is a crude "school english" translation of my german health tips here:
or as full link:
So if you know any germans you can forward this information to them, so that they can also benefit :-)

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So here comes the english translation:

Regarding CORONAVIRUS, I suggest you read this:

I would like to start my health tips with a few not widely known main reasons for chronic diseases:

1.) If you have a chronic disease or chronic bad health, THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT STEP to improve your situation is to find out if your sleeping place is exposed to toxins (like moldspores, chemicals etc.), technical (power lines, cellphone tower radiation etc.) or "geopathic" (in german "geopathogen") radiation (water veins, for example) and to eliminate these factors. The reasoning behind this is very simple - if your body cannot regenerate, your health can never really improve, no matter what you do. You can go to a construction biologist to check the "biological" and "technical" sources and to a "Geopathologe" (german term, "dowser" is the appropriate translation, "diviner" might also be possible) to check for water veins and other natural radiation (like magnetic lines). Sometimes construction biologists are also dowsers and can therefore detect everything at once. Please read
Please note that technical fields can be shielded by technical means (the shield effect must be measurable with technical equipment), but geopathogen radiation CANNOT be shielded, the only way is to move your bed to a different location. Beware of anyone who tries to sell you any "harmonizers" or "black boxes" for ridiculous amounts of money, or anyone who claims to be able to shield geopathogen radiation. I suggest you better listen what this man has to say about the technology:
Someone else just wrote the following comment about this topic which I copied here:
Regarding cancer: There is more to curing cancer that diet. First you have to detect the root cause or causes. In my experience as a geomancer I discovered geopathic stress.
Dr. H. Nieper, M.D., states that 92% of all his cancer patients and 75% of his MS patients are Geopathically stressed. Dr. Nieper is a world-renowned cancer specialist and operates one of the largest MS practices in the world. Both himself and Dr. E. Hartmann, M.D., are convinced that cancer is mainly a disease of location caused by Geopathic Stress.
Gustav Freiherr von Pohl proved to the Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin, 60 years ago, that one was unlikely to get cancer unless one spent some time in Geopathically Stressed places (mainly when sleeping).

2.) The second most important step is to identify if there are any other factors which permanently hurt your health, for example "Zahnherde" (german term, I did not find a direct translation, a "Zahnherd" can be for example a root-filled tooth. The appropriate translation is probably "focal infection". Some other similar translations might be "cavitations and cavitation infections (ischemic osteonecrosis)" and "dental interference field" etc.). Check out
Focal infections are a MAJOR factor which can PERMANENTLY ruin your health, as they continuously create toxins, for example putrescine and cadaverine (cadaveric poisons). You can do a lab test for cadaveric poisons in your saliva, this is ONE method to detect this kind of problem. There is also an infrared detection method and various other methods. Please note that many focal infections are NOT visible on standard x-ray-scans!
It is said that focal infections are often responsible for serious health problems like face pain or trigeminal neuralgia.
Do not expect doctors or dentists know anything about it, or even ever heard about it. 

2.1.) NORMALIZE YOUR BREATHING, thats EXTREMELY important, see https://normalbreathing.com
also see below (8.)
Generally, adhere to this tip:
The correct way to breathe in
Insider Tech

2.2.) Learn about and inform yourself about the so called "Terlusollogy" which seems to apply to basically everyone, see https://terlusollogie.de (german link), there is an ENGLISH book about it called "Terlusollogy" at the GERMAN amazon which is amazon.de, I suggest you get it and read it and try it out for yourself.

3.) Another important and very often undiagnosed factor in this regard is heavy metal poisoning by amalgam fillings.
Gold and amalgam fillings in the same mouth (= battery, poles connected by saliva) can produce a heart attack, most dentists still do not know this. So I suggest you inform yourself in detail about heavy metal poisoning if you have any chronic disease, or amalgame fillings.
Most (99,9999%) of doctors DO NOT check this, know almost NOTHING about it, and simply IGNORE it.
Please note that there are a few things you HAVE TO KNOW before you even consider letting a dentist remove the fillings, as 99,9999% something of dentists have NO IDEA how to do it correctly. The removal must be performed under special security measures like
1.) Oxygene (by the nose) to prevent inhalation of heavy metal vapours. This is the most important point in this list.
2.) Special suction device to collect all the heavy metal vapours. I am not talking about the regular 08/15 suction device used by all dentists.
3.) Slow drilling, water cooled drill
4.) cofferdam
5.) special solutions or other measures to neutralize heavy metal dust and/or substances that work against heavy metal poisoning directly in the body, like chlorella algae (taken before the drilling session and after the drilling session in appropriate amounts).
Most dentists WILL NOT even use only ONE of these security measures. Most of them WILL LIE to you if you ask them about it and will tell you some nice little story so that you shut up and so that they can drill it out without any security measures. Time is money, you know. Do not underestimate the willingness of dentists to lie to you to make a little extra money. So, INFORM YOURSELF before you even consider getting your fillings removed.
Please note that if a dentist removes for example one filling without any security measures, the amount of heavy metals released into your body and lungs is the equivalent of the amount which the same filling would have emitted in a period of 30 years (!). So it is better NOT to remove any fillings unless the dentist uses appropriate security measures.
If your filling have been removed without any security measures, you most likely have a heavy metal poisoning (doctors NEVER check this!) and the heavy metals will stay in your body for the most part as the body has no efficient detoxification system for heavy metals, the heavy metals will simply continue to circulate in a cycle in your body and produce damage with every cycle.
You can still get rid of the heavy metals by this point by doing an appropriate heavy metal detoxification and measuring the amount of heavy metals still in the body by doing a DMSA test (for example, aka a test which mobilizes the heavy metals so that they can be analyzid in the urine) in regular intervals. This is being done by a lab and only an EXPERT who knows how to interprete these test results should interpret the test results.
Warning, a DMSA test is not completely risk free, inform yourself BEFORE doing this test. The DMSA itself is AFAIK relatively harmless, but the mobilized heavy metals can for example lead to kidney failure (in extreme cases). So, drink a lot to support the kidneys. Etc. etc.,
They have NO IDEA about heavy metal poisoning.
(Now of course there are a FEW doctors who know about it very well, but they are like needles in a haystack. Your best chance is probably actively searching for such doctors or trying to find doctors from the medical field of "environmental medicine".)
Another warning, there are several completely and totally meaningless "heavy metal tests", like a hair analysis. Such tests are, simply, done for the purpose to make money. Yes, please read this sentence again. It is an easy way to make money - 1.) these tests are risk free as they are done on hair 2.) they dont mean sh*t but may give the patient a "good feeling". 3.) It makes the doctor (or naturopath, lol) money.
Dont underestimate the willingness of most doctors to make f*cking money.

4.) The fourth factor is lyme disease (or any other chronic, hidden microbial infestation). Please read:
Please also search for "tick bite sepsis" in the internet or check out http://www.truthcures.org and watch this video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8DU1Z6R-ms&feature=player_embedded called "Lyme Cryme".
This disease is probably one of the most underestimated mass epedemics ever, and lyme can hide under a very long list of seemingly unrelated diseases / health problems, for example:
    Acute rheumatic fever
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Cold & Flu
    Dysthymia/seasonal depression disorder, PND
    Fibromyalgia (I just wrote the following piece for Fibromyalgia sufferers http://meulengrachtforum.altervista.org/forum/index.php/topic,1279.msg4348.html#msg4348)
    Infectious arthritis
    Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Lyme disease
    Mosquito-borne diseases
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Rheumatoid arthritis
This list is IMHO surely not complete, please see the extended list in the link above (which is probably also not complete). Diagnosis is hard to impossible as there exists no 100%-reliable test. Doctors still rely on the standard test (ELISA or westernblot), so you cannot rely on doctors on this one. The only recommendation I can give you is to inform yourself and DO NOT rely on doctors on this one. If you were bitten by a tick and have an erythema migrans rash, take the appropriate antibiotics ASAP (ASAP!!), you may still have a chance to permanently cure it. Do not rely on doctors regarding the antibiotic, check if it is the right one aka effective.
Your best chance to cure lyme is IMHO by removing the above mentioned factors and antibiotics + frequency medicine, for example get a doug coil device, a rife device with plasma tubes (GB-4000 for example), the "Diamond Shield Zapper" with the additional lyme chipcard (beware of high costs for chipcards, depending on the model), or try blood electrification by Robert C. Beck (Minizap + magnetic pulser).
Also check this out:
(the last link german, but potentially very, very important)
Please also read Dr. med. Julius Hellenthals book. Dr. Hellenthal thinks that 90% of all diseases are caused by microbes:

5.) Microbial infestation
If you are affected by the above mentioned chronic health stress factors, your body is usually weakened. Microbes, worms and parasites can thrive in such an environment and can become a problem. Therefore, it is advisable to remove these stress factors and then remove the microbes / parasites step by step. This can be done
a) by "the right" antibiotics (given by an experienced allopathic doctor, combined with substances which should protect the colon) and frequency medicine for "general microbial infestation" (bacteria and viruses)
BEWARE of all fluorquinolone antibiotics like "ciprofloxacine", these are IMHO highly dangerous!!!
b) anthelmintics for worms
c) anti parasite programs for parasites
Frequency medicine can probably also help with b) and c) or perhaps can even solve b) and c) on its own.
Regarding frequency therapy, I just received the following remarks from a women called "Fenbenlady" on minds.com:
the frequency generator is a nice feeling, it can help. It dont seem to get rid of parasites it has a mixed review on the groups i have been on. The idea is wonderful, attractive and simple, if only it would do the job full spectrum, unfortunately, we are dealing with some organisms which are enjoy the energy the frequency they like it, Yes, even at the so even the so called frequency that is supposed to bring about their deaths. one thing, it can feel very good Im not against it. However, that mode of healing is confounded by the annoying habit of large worms, tapeworms and round worms and small worms, pin worms dont seem to react to it at all. But these same organisms will be removed by a simple medicine called praziquantel, its called biltricide for humans, same medicine. People on groups have tried everything, I mean everything for the skin problems, poor digestion, rashed, poor nutrition, even after a lot of thought is put into the diet, the worms thrive on the good nutrition and non invasive things we want to try. They love it when we use an herbal anti parasite program. It dont kill worms, it kills a few things, so the body becomes a more favorable host for worms, who can stay in us for 20-30 years, disguised and stealing our food, stopping us from our optimal health. No, there is no simple frequency that will deal with these invaders. they thrive on the fancy probiotics. they hate lugols iodine, but it dont kill them, they get stronger on our carefully crafted health programs and without an awareness of what all is in us and why, they go off in all directions. a lot of people are afraid of the medicines for parasites. they feel that they might get hurt taking a drug to remove worms. They tell me, hey, Im going the all natural route. I say, try the medicines, praziquantel was only just invented in the 80's, before that tapeworms were forever, that drug has saved millions of people and does save them daily from these things just kill people, they dont recognize what they are, and by a long time, they cause cancer. they cause all types of illness, glandular dysfunction too. they host a worst of all, worms bring a host of bacteria, the bacteria colony that serves the worms colony. when we start in, killing worms, the bacteria must be dealt with as well. that makes the whole subject too complex for doctors, and people who suffer just dont ever find out what it is. a worm a very complex intelligent crafty creature.
they underlay the cancer epidemic, the poor IQ in kids, the 'cyst' which is considered non cancerous, but which is just another worm ball. Im working with a gal right now, glad I have the experience to help, she has a cyst on her breast.  she sent a pic, a nasty lump, and because she is on high dose lugols, the wound is angry red, after a few weeks of using lugols high dose, the cyst is ready for expulsion. she did not know that lugols will swell a cyst before it heals it. she had it tested for cancer earlier this year, so she is sure its not malignant. But her family and friends are not so sure, a pressure campaign for her to submit to emergency surgery today! they do not believe or know anything about her methods, to them, she is playing a dangerous roulette, as they expect cancer to be fatal overnight. Even when it was already tested. anyway, she was ready for it to go, it seemed looser, when she told me a story that made it all make sense. one of the doctors she went to was super grossed out well both of them were really grossed out over this. they were like, you need surgery stat. One of them said, and by the way,I see a tapeworm in the wound. He left, and denied he said it, and the next dr said, cancer, surgery fast. She was thunderstruck! tapeworm? ??? in the cyst??? her first dose of praziquantel (prazi) helped her so much. it relieved a ton of pain. It stopped the movement she could feel in her boom. shudder. she only took one two day round and the changes in the wound are now scaring the family even more. she feels better, treating now with more prazi, and the wound now had red all around it, and its getting slick around it, it will be ready to leave her body soon. to help even more, I sent her some fenben too. the fenben is a cancer tumor remover for sure, its totally amazing. only approved for animal use, its catching on now a lot of facebook groups talk about it. and what is does is dissolve the attatchments that the parasites, algae candida, these things and others attach to the body via a series of tublues that they extend into the host. the tubules are made of protein the fenben targets the foreign dna in the tubules, and it dissolves them selectively. Its a great advancement in health a miracle drug. my friend is still on high dose fenben, praziquantel and lugols. she is taking baths, enema of coffee, and juicing, she is resisting the pressure for surgery. Its quite a drama. I got kicked off of facebook, so Im proud of that. I would be glad if you forward this, as more often than not, a person has a suspicion that the drs are bullshitting. to the tenth power they lie. so if I can help a person, I want to try. last point: lugols iodine nobody knows how to use it, it is another powerful elemental cleaner based on oxygen, and it also feeds the glands with raw material to make hormones. most are afraid, cause the lugols will swell a problem before it heals it. I found out that tapeworms dont give a crap about lugols, they just get mad. They send out toxins in  response to a person dosing with lugols, tapworms act up. I found out that taking lugols alone wont heal the cyst, but with the help if the medicines, she is looking at a non surgical cure for her non cancerous cyst.
(a lot of people react to lugols, it is the tapeworm, sabotaging and once they are gone, the lugols can go on to heal much more. ) 
So she recommends taking Praziquantel and / or Fenbendazol for the larger parasites, combined with Lugols Solution etc..
No guarantees, inform yourself before you take any of this, this is your responsibility!!
Another opinion about all this:
Humans are the only mammal the medical profession doesn’t treat for parasites. This suggests the medical field is complicit in causing humans to be hosts to parasites. The reasoning behind this is greed, for parasites cause many disease like symptoms in the body. They also feast on the soft tissue of joints, causing arthritis. The medical field benefits greatly due to suffering caused by parasitic infestation.

6.) Atlas misalignment
Almost everyone (!) is affected to a certain degree by an atlas misalignment, dependent on the graveness of the misalignment. Deeper reason is that women give birth while lying on the "birth stool", which reduces the birth canal by 20 to 30%, which makes it necessary to apply force to get the baby out, which overloads the babies neck and atlas area, as babies bones are still soft, which causes an atlas misalignment. Later, bones harden and atlas misalignment stays for the rest of the life of this person. See below and www.atlantotec.com/en
This also plays a role in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) aka "cot death", see

7.) Poor gut biome
The bacteria in your gut make up 80% of the immune system, that is why taking high quality probiotics (or substances like xylitol which suppress bad bacteria) or changing your diet to improve these bacteria might be a very good idea.

8.) poor breathing (technique)
Many people do not know how to breathe properly or have accustomed themselves to a poor breathing technique, which is very bad for your long term health, search for "abdominal breathing" or "diaphragm breathing" at youtube, here:
Also read the book "Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art" by James Nestor:
(You can read the reviews there, but please get the book via your local bookstore, ALWAYS support your local bookstore!!!)
Also check this out for your voice:
This is probably one of the most important pieces of information you will ever find on the topic of breathing, "Intermittent Breathing", by Loris Vitry:
Also read
Watch videos by Patrick McKeown how to RELAX during slow breathing.
Also watch
Why Proper Breathing Is the Key to Optimal Health - Interview with Dr. Peter Litchfield

9.) Very important as well, see www.naturesplatform.com
Also see
(please note that the final recommendation SUCKS, only the FULL SQUATTING POSTURE gives all the benefits, simply raising the feet is NOT (NOT!!!) sufficient. Read the naturesplatform.com site for details why.)

These were nine main reasons for chronic or grave health problems / illness which are usually NOT checked by doctors AT ALL.

Of course, there are more reasons, for example diet is of course MOST IMPORTANT. It seems you should better stay away from most vegetable oil (PUFAS - polyunsaturated fats) :
Also read / listen to:

Regarding diet, I suggest you simply try what works best FOR YOU.

But please also check out this, I think this is well worth your consideration:
Here a copy of the description text below the video:
What I've Learned
Am 27.07.2016 veröffentlicht
"Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day"
Why has Nutrition been so complicated? This video tells the story about why 3 meals a day is unnecessary and how eating ONE meal a day can make being healthy much simpler.
▲Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/WILearned
▲Twitter: https://twitter.com/JEverettLearned
( Bitcoin Donations: 1G8K61AS6bytBUcqNzzag7xuo6XJ6SCU7J )

0:00 - Our Complicated Health Environment
2:09 - How are Humans Supposed to Eat?
4:26 - Our Environment Chose How we Eat
6:06 - Why maintaining Blood Sugar is unnecessary & Harmful
8:26 - Ketosis, our Premium fuel source
10:10 - Health Benefits of Fasting
12:45 - My path to One Meal a Day

What do I eat for my meal? Usually a variant of this: http://imgur.com/a/WrPqt (This is from a year back - now I eat less meat, less eggs and less fruit [skip the carrot too]) Also, the gif makes it look like I eat a massive quantity of food, but it's simply showing "before preparation" and "after preparation" (the purple looking drink is simply the vegetables blended up)

Most of my references are covered in the blog post above, if there is anything missing please let me know!

Let go of the food pyramid.

For business inquiries: [email protected]

I think you should also watch this, "5 Reasons You Are Drinking Water the Wrong Way":
What he says about saliva and that saliva is supposed to "balance" the acidic stomach acid is IMHO bullsh*t. I would NOT swallow the morning saliva, it is full of toxins which built up over night on the teeth etc.. In the morning, better flush your mouth with water, to flush out water-soluble toxins, then fat (for example sunflower oil), to flush out liposoluble toxins, then alcohol (cheap hard liquor is sufficient) to clean up the bacterial mess.
Regarding the copper jar, I guess he sells them, but I did not check this. It might be benefical, but I never tried. Reminds me of the chinese "Tetsubin"-pots, I guess they are also beneficial, however they are not made from copper.

and also watch, "Low-Salt Diet Not Best For You? - Dr. McDougall":
Humans are natural salt seekers. Salt tastes good to us, and there is good reason for this. The emphasis on very low-salt diets is misguided. Fix the food - and then you can put some salt on your healthy food if you'd like. Focus on food, not salt. Dr. McDougall explains it in this talk from our 2009 Healthy Lifestyle Expo. You can download full copies of all talks from our this Expo and many others at: https://store.vegsource.com/collectio... ❤ ☀ °‧°‧☆ ☾ O U R   S T O R E ☽ ☆‧°‧°☀ ❤ The Store: http://store.vegsource.com ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞ F O L L O W ۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ☪ Instagram: 'vegsource' or http://www.instagram.com/vegsource → Personal Questions: http://vegsource.tumblr.com ۞ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vegsource Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vegsource ◂ ◃ ☀ °‧°‧☆ W E B S I T E ☆‧°‧°☀ ▹ ► ▻ http://www.vegsource.com
I cannot tell if his diet advice is good though.

Please read this carefully as some diets might be bad for your long term health:
Whatever is the truth, diet is slammed in your face everywhere you go, the 9 points mentioned above are not. I think that for most people it is advisable to cut down their calorie intake in general, in "war times" people are generally MUCH healthier, as long as the food supply does not break down completely, simply because the excessive eating many people practise today finally comes to an end because of food rationing. Also, diet tends to be more diversified, as people have to use the black market to organize additional food, and you never know what you get, which is usually also good for the body.

Another factor which is often overlooked is
The impact of toxic chemicals and indoor pollution etc. on your health

Now my "general" good health tips :-)

How to prevent common flus / colds 100%, AND prevent stroke / heart attack:
I tested this myself over the years exactly like this man did, works 100%. I use sodium ascorbate (pure powder, NO additives, non GMO, produced by "Reichstein synthesis", which is the old method developed in the 1930s, NO heavy metals...try to find a good product).
How to prevent stroke / heart attack:
Dont get fooled by the "studies" of the damn drug companies (they either use far too low vitamine c dosages for their studies or their studies are technically flawed).
You can increase the efficiency of this tip by using a sodium ascorbate nasal spray or a nasal irrigator AT THE FIRST SIGN of a cold/flu.
You can put 1 - 3 drops of manuka oil in the nasal irrigator, depending on the amount of water, shake well before using. When I use 3 drops, I use 1.000 ml (1 liter) of water, I have a big nasal irrigator. Dont let the manuka oil get on the mucous membranes (most of it swims on top of the water, so shake well and stop irrigating before all water has gone through. You can for example use the rest to gargle or in a fragrance lamp.) Only buy first class manuka oil (in Europe that would be for example "Primavera").
OR add a certain amount of sodium ascorbate to the irrigation solution.
Dr. Levy also wrote books about Vitamine C,
http://www.amazon.com/Primal-Panacea-Thomas-E-Levy/dp/0983772800/ref=sr_1_sc_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1461268288&sr=8-3-spell&keywords=dr.+levy+vitamine+c and
You can also read two books by Linus Pauling online, here:
and I also found this small document:
Also watch
Dr Levy reveals formula to never be Ill using Vitamin C & Methylene Blue
At the end he reveals four substances which, taken together, massively increase mitochondrial health and function (Nicotinamide, B2, Methylene Blue and Q10).

The Story of Fat: Why we were Wrong about Health
I suggest you replace sugar with for example high quality organic honey, unrefined raw cane sugar, xylitol (NON-GMO, pure), or organic coconut blossom sugar etc..

Regarding cholesterol, I suggest you better check out
Catalyst 2013 Cholesterol Myth Prt 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZTMPRR3gbI
Catalyst 2013 Cholesterol Myth Prt 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RpupThZ-ug
As far as I understood, this was aired at "ABC" in Australia, but was pulled. It was pulled from youtube seemingly several times as well, so I suggest you better quickly download this. Please forward this information, this is probably life saving information!
Here another finding (no guarantees) regarding cholesterol / statin drugs / iron etc.:

Watch the movie "VAXXED".
DO NOT - N-O-T!!!! - get the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) vaccine or any similar "genetic-nano" vaccinations, see

How to reduce caries to almost zero (given you eat healthy overall / good nutrition):
Use Xylitol (PURE powder, non GMO, no additives).
(one warning, Xylitol is TOXIC FOR DOGS, so be extra careful that your pet does not ingest it!!!)
You do not have to buy the expensive xylitol chewing gum, just use the powder! Put 1 teaspoon into your mouth and move it for 2 minutes or so (or longer, if you wish), then swallow. Do not flush your teeth afterwards, let the xylitol rest on the teeth! This is especially important before going to sleep.
(Also check out Ullas other sites! Ulla runs healing teeth naturally. Her original sites are german.)
I use it in pure form like a mouthwash (and swallow afterwards, dont wash it off the teeth) or put it on my toothbrush. There are also xylitol toothpastes, but be very careful to pick one that does contain enough xylitol and no harmful substances like fluoride:
Xylitol reduced my caries by 98% or so ;-)
Read this!!! about xylitol:
Also check out "Blis K12" and inform yourself about the so called "oil pulling" (you can easily implement oil pulling into your daily schedule without any time loss :-))
Always wash your mouth with a mouthful of pure, plain water immediately after each meal, this flushes acid off the teeth and prevents most damage. Wait with brushing for ca. 1 hour after eating, and only brush with very little pressure, as this is totally sufficient to get plaque off your teeth. Then put xylitol on. Check out the scientific findings of Dr. Gerard F. Judd and Dr. Weston A. Price.
Of course major drug companies and dentists dont like this. So pharma companies regularly buy bunches of scientists who then make new studies which essentially say "its all mumbojumbo" - now thats really surprising, isnt it! Reminds me of their vitamine c studies ;-).
Regarding fluoride...DO NOT use fluoride in any product, it WILL harm you. Also be VERY careful with almost all other artificial sweeteners, MOST of them are harmful (for example aspartame). Xylitol is safe, higher dosages may cause diarrhea though. I just use it for mouthwash (and swallow it) or add it to brush (cant swallow it because I use a natural toothpaste then as well, lol). Works perfect this way :-)
I urge you to read the article by Gerard F. Judd lower down in this thread!!!!!!!
Also check this out:
and this:
It is probably advisable to use chlorhexidine (the alcohol-free version!) for example once per week (EXACTLY like described in the package insert!!!) to reset the caries to zero each week. If you have a good diet and additionally use xylitol, you should be and remain virtually caries free :-)
P.S.: Another good stuff is blis K12 salivarius...this can be used in tandem with xylitol, but NOT with chlorhexidine mouthwash. So you either use blis k12 and xylitol or chlorhexidine mouthwash and xylitol.

If you want to stop smoking, there is probably no easier way to achieve this than by using an electronic cigarette. You can also try to gradually reduce the nicotine dosage in the liquid to get off the nicotine completely. Even if you do not manage to get off the nicotine completely, at least you will reduce your intake of poisonous substances by 99,999% something compared to regular cigarettes. You will also save 50% of your money, at least in the long run. 
The "trick" is that you can still smoke, you still get the nicotine and the "flash" and there is still a lot of manual and oral "action" involved, so basically "nothing will change", except 99,99% of the poison is gone and also the bad smell. Furthermore you can "smoke" everywhere, also in bars etc. and people wont mind, because the liquid in electronic cigarettes smells good :-)
INFORM YOURSELF before purchasing a model and then buy a good starter kit (consisting of TWO individual elecronic cigarettes). There are a lot of mistakes a beginner can make, so inform yourself before you buy a starter kit or certain models. Always buy 2 (TWO) electronic cigarettes and not only one, otherwise you wont be able to make the switch, because when your electronic cigarette somewhen runs out of power, guess what you will do when you suddenly have nothing to vape / smoke and your electronic cigarette is recharging...you are inevitably going to run to your regular cigarettes again. Then the regular cigarettes will draw you in again, so always buy TWO electronic cigarettes so you can always vape if you feel "the urge". Do not get discouraged if you pick a "lemon model" or if you make beginners mistakes, you WILL get away from regular cigarettes VERY easily if you find the right model, pick the right liquid (TEST LOTS OF DIFFERENT FLAVORS, no matter if YOU think you will like a certain flavor or not, because you never know what you really like or dont like in advance!!) with the right nicotine dosage and learn to avoid the usual beginner mistakes :-)
ONE example of someone who was able to win a lifelong battle with smoking thanks to the e-cigarette:

If you want to stop alcohol addiction, there is a substance called "Baclofen" in german which is supposed to work very, very good:
Also check out what professor Zhdanov has to say about alcohol:
What he does not say is that many people especially in high northern or southern regions start drinking because of depression caused by vitamine d3 insufficiency as they cannot produce enough D3 via sunlight (the angle of the light does not permit production in the skin!).

Regarding depression, there are a lot of possible causes never being checked by medicine, for example vitamine d3 deficiency, vitamine / mineral deficiency, B12 deficiency, natural and technical radiation fields at your sleeping place, chemicals or molds at your sleeping place, focal infections (usually root filled teeth), vaccination damage, heavy metal poisoning (usually from amalgame fillings), parasites, fungal bowel infection (usually caused by heavy metal poisoning), atlas misalignment (see http://www.Atlantotec.com), too much Internet porn and masturbation (sounds silly, but seems to be the case in some cases at least), and so on. I made a big german thread about possible causes here http://meulengrachtforum.altervista.org/forum/index.php/topic,1205.msg4179.html#msg4179
You might want to put this through Google Translate or something.
Someone wrote a nice text about depression here, I think this is well worth reading:
Please note that this guy is a dating coach and that I am not saying that for example chasing women / sex and creating a business as this text recommends are valid methods to end YOUR depression, they might be, depending on YOUR SITUATION and depending on what is good or bad FOR YOU, but finding your "personal mission" and focusing on HELPING OTHERS are usually VERY GOOD IDEAS. I think the text is correct for the most part!
(If this text in the above mentioned link is ever deleted from the Internet, please check out the same link in the Internet archive archive.org if you can still find a copy!)

I strongly suggest that you inform yourself about prepping and how to make a garden and so on:

Inform yourself about Earthing:
Try it for yourself, for example by using the wrist bands.
You can also make your own device as Jonathan explains here:

Simply raise your bed by 6 inches (= ca. 5 degrees angle) for better, healthier sleep:
Also see:
Amazon also sells "bed risers".
Here wooden 6 inch bed risers:
(well, once upon a time you could buy 6 inch bed risers there...link seems to lead nowhere now...)
Also read:

Also check out this sleep information, it might be very important!!! I found the english book as downloadable PDF here :-):
Also check out
and (for other versions / other languages):
The book is also available in a Russian Version!
I also found the german version at Amazon:
The 6 people who reviewed it are very convinced it works!!!
The english book is also available on the above mentioned homepage or here:
Also check this out:
and this book:
Regarding sleep, I also recommend that you sleep in the direction as recommended by Vastu:
I recently also wrote this:
Regarding sleep, I recommend
* get your bed checked for earth rays (like water veins) (by a so called "Geopathologe" in german), technical fields (by a so called construction biologist) and for toxins (like mold spores) (by a so called construction biologist).
This is most important and can very well be a matter of life and death (at least in the long run. Your body MUST be able to regenerate)!
I personally am able to "spot" water veins by divining rod, but this is a talent you either have or not have.
* getting an earthing sheet
* tilting your bed (inclined bed therapy)
* removing all radiation sources from your bedplace
* get a demand switch for your fuse box or simply turn off the fuse of your sleeping room
* use vastu sleeping direction (first try sleeping with your head towards north or south, if this does not work well try east)
* try the so called "natural sleep",
Natural Sleep: As a Source of Strength and Healing Kindle Edition
by Theodor Stöckmann (Author), Alfred Thienes (Editor), & 1 more
I have also been sleeping with earplugs for years, very recommendable! I use the standard "ohropax"-earplugs made from wax. I cannot tolerate other earplugs made from plastic, they make my ears sweat. Therefore I recommend the standard "ohropax"-earplugs made from wax. I suggest if anyone wants to try this, first get a small package, then, if you like it, buy big packages like a 10 x 20 pieces package (usually not available in stores) and compare prices. You can use one set of "ohropaxes" for several days, so this is a really cheap way of improving your sleep
 Regarding the alarm, make sure you got one that is loud enough and gets through the ohropax. Many battery operated "tavel alarms" are just a joke. I still recommend a battery operated alarm (and not something like a smartphone or radio alarm) because they do not create a harmful electromagnetic field. Make sure your sleeping room is free of electromagnetical and geopathological fields (for example water vein radiation, crossing of magnet lines etc.). Make sure no conducting lines of any kind are near you, or buy a demand switch for your fuse block.
Make sure the room is as dark as possible and make sure there are no artificial lights. Get rid of all LED lights and energy saving lamps, as they emit a lot of blue light, which can prevent you from falling asleep or delay it and disturb your sleep. Many technical device nowadays have an aggressive, bright LED, which can illuminate your sleeping room on its own, turn it f*cking off.
If you cannot fall asleep, try this "military" technique, which is supposed to help (no guarantees):
Why it MIGHT be a good idea to wake at 05:30 AM - at least, for SOME people...if you are the "wrong type" of person, this most likely will not work:
According to Dr. Matthew Walkers book "Why We Sleep" the 05:30 AM tip might be "dangerous advice" - this can ONLY work if you get a full night sleep of 8 hours - 9 hours. And then, you still have to be the "type of person" who likes to get up early.
Here an interesting information about pillows:
i'd like to add get a buckwheat pillow. after 3 nights u will never go back. the kind i get is Sowakowa - i think. they last for years and years. they: • wick away heat and • keep your head cool • are actually flame-resistant* • fully support head, neck and shoulders • are available online or thru Bed, Bath and Beyond, and are also at Walgreens occasionally. • cost about $20 or $25 and • are worth every cent *or non-flammable - iow u can hold a lighter to them and they don't catch on fire. i saw it with my own eyes.
There is another, very important substance which you need for your sleep and that is magnesium, see

Check out the free book at www.naturesplatform.com by Jonathan Isbit.
Also see
(please note that the final recommendation SUCKS, only the FULL SQUATTING POSTURE gives all the benefits, simply raising the feet is NOT (NOT!!!) sufficient. Read the naturesplatform.com site for details why.)
BTW squatting could very well be a cure for hirsutism and PCOS, as the ovaries are controlled by the pudendal nerve, which is overstretched by the "normal" sitting position on a regular toilet, therefore the ovaries run amuck, which could be the real reason for hirsutism. Citation from http://www.naturesplatform.com/health_benefits.html:
"Damage to this nerve (pudendal nerve) has serious consequences for pelvic health. The uterus and ovaries depend on continuous feedback from the brain (via the pudendal nerve) to maintain proper hormonal balance."
"Why Women Are More Susceptible
Pelvic floor nerve stretch injury, the root cause of most pelvic disease, affects women more frequently than men. One reason is that the vaginal canal is a structural gap which is more vulnerable to the unique stress produced by the sitting toilet."
Also watch the squatting song:
Do not underestimate the importance of squatting for your long term health! This should, for example, prevent all prostate problems in men, all bladder problems (like bladder inflammation) in women, and most colon cancers in both genders!! These were only three examples, but there are MANY more benefits!!!

Check out this site, VERY important:
The "atlas problem" is directly connected to the birth posture or "squatting", and you wont believe how. Well, basically women give birth in the wrong posture, this reduces the birth canal by 10 or 20%, forcing doctors to pull out the baby with instruments, this puts strain on the babies head, this might cause the atlas to shift, which is only possible because the babies bones are very soft, and once the atlas is relocated, it can cause ALL SORTS of physical and mental problems, depending on how much the atlas is shifted. This also explains why whiplash injuries often have so devastating effects - if the atlas was already "out of place" before the accident, it can much more easily shift to an even worse position if a great force hits the head and neck area, therefore causing even more physical and mental health problems. School medicine does NOT know about this problem because it is hard to diagnose, a special and very expensive form of CT scan is needed and a specialist familiar with this particular problem is needed to diagnose the problem.
CURRENTLY (Jan. 2016) there are, as far as I know, no atlantotec therapists in USA. Checking the Atlas is free BTW and takes only 2 mins, so if you go on vacation in Europe, you might consider getting your atlas checked, for example at the beginning of your holiday. If you want a correction, it costs 250 EUR and you will need an appointment. You only need 1 correction per life. So you only have to pay 250 EUR ONCE, to get your atlas fixed (that the atlas is in the correct place is your birthright btw, because this is how you were meant to be!!!).
I also wrote a small text about the problem here:

Over the last hundred years or more around the world more study has
been done on urology than any other single subject ever.  Over the
past 2 1/2 years the subject has been
resurrected and evidence of this therapy is overwhelmingly positive.
Do some research. Here is a good start.
Go to this website and download the free pdf files on the link "free
books and resources"
One of the best books written on the holistic approach to urology has been given to us for free, "Your Own Perfect Medicine"  by Martha Christy.  Dr Group has it in the form of a pdf file and you can download it for free.  When you get to the site you will see a link that says, "free books and resources".  You will find it there. 

There exists a homeopathic remedy which is supposed to help / cure trauma / PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder), it is called "Ignatia amara", "the ultimate post-traumatic stress medicine". An alternative name for the same (= identical) homeopathic remedy is "Strychnos ignatii", please read this article by Joette Calabrese

There is also a free method for improving / curing trauma und PTSD developed by a german doctor called Dr. Michael Bohne, the name of the method is "PEP", here you can find a quick PDF explaining the method, this might not be the newest version:
Please look him up in the Internet to find more information about the "PEP" method.

A very good therapy for various diseases or in general for health problems of all kinds is the so-called seawater therapy ("marine therapy") by Rene Quinton, which unfortunately nowadays has fallen into oblivion, there is a book about it "The Quinton seawater therapy, the healing power of the sea" (I only found the french original book, there is also a german translation), in which all this is described in more detail, in my opinion it is a great discovery. In my opinion it is worth to inform yourself about it or to read the book. For a list of indications see:

The real reasons for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) aka "cot death" and how to prevent it:
Why you should better stay away from energy drinks, they CAN kill you:

How they stole your focus / attention span:
This is an edited extract from Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention by Johann Hari, published by Bloomsbury on 6 January. Please note that I do not agree with the "climate crisis" propaganda, it is mentioned once in the text, as it implies a MANMADE climate change. Yes, there is climate change, as it always was and always will be.

Why you should not give a damn about the so called "happiness" (at least as our society defines it ;-)), an article by Jonathan Roseland about a phenomenon called "hedonistic adaptation":

Why You’ve Never Heard of The Mayo Clinic’s “Raw Milk Cure”

Why going vegan MIGHT be bad for your long term health:
OR it might be very good for your long term health, according to Dr. McDougall, please check out
I think which one it will be you will have to find out for yourself, listen to your body and watch your health CAREFULLY if you try this EXPERIMENT (because that is what it is IMHO)!!!
I personally think that we as humans should consume SMALL amounts of animal products in regular intervals, for example meat 1 time per week is sufficient. And a few eggs etc. Always buy ORGANIC, also for the sake of the animals.
There are some other potential dangers of veganism:

Why you should never use "common" suntan oils or lotions:

15th December 2017: Today, I stumbled across this information by Mr. Walter Last
and think this might be a valuable information. Please try the "sugar pulling tip" yourself.
Just beware of MMS, I do not recommend this stuff and have a very critical german article about it in my german health tips. I just found an english article why MMS is most likely poison:

Please also read Mr. Walter Lasts document about Borax / Boron:
More articles:

Read the article by Andreas Moritz here (this is an excerpt from his book "TIMELESS SECRETS OF HEALTH & REJUVENATION"):

Check this out and avoid these foods:
You might also want to read:

I just wrote this for Tinnitus sufferers:

If you have back pain, I suggest you do what I did - at least thats how I cured my back pain 100% :-):
1.) * get your atlas fixed see https://www.atlantomed.eu/en
Almost everyone who has chronic back pain also has a misaligned atlas (!).
You can easily find out if your atlas is misaligned by visiting any atlantomed therapist, he or she will check your atlas position FOR FREE, this only takes 1 or 2 minutes and only requires very small "finger pressure" (it is just manual sensing with the fingertips). So this little examination should be completely safe.
Unfortunately, there are still not atlantomed therapists in USA (November 19th, 2022).
It is better to assume that you DO HAVE a misaligned atlas as large parts of the population have a slightly misaligned atlas due to the unnatural birth posture most women (have to) use since the introduction of the so called "medical" birth stool, which forces women to give birth while lying, which reduces the birth canal by 20 - 30%, which forces nurses or doctors to use certain tools to get the baby out, like a suction cup etc., which puts unnatural pressure/force on the babys head, which can misalign the atlas as the babys bones are still very soft. Later, the bones harden and then the atlas misalignment usually remains for the rest of the life of this person and can cause symptoms, or not, this depends on the degree of the misalignment and on the anatomy of this individual person. So most peoples atlasses are or were usually misaligned during birth and then stay misaligned for the rest of this persons life. Or in other words, just another medical scandal of epic proportions (...).
If it turns out your atlas is misaligned - which is also visible on a spiral CT of the neck region - I recommend that only an osteopath who has the additional atlantomed qualification should do the atlas correction itself. I do NOT recommend that you go to a chiropractor.
There is an english book about all this called "The best kept secret to raising a healthy child" by Dr. Mulhall-Wehrenberg / Wehrenberg which you should read if you are a parent or if you want additional information about the atlas problem, see
The atlas correction usually needs to be done "once per life", as the atlas was artifically misaligned during birth, it requires an artificial correction to correct the original artificial misalignment during birth so to speak.
My atlas was misaligned, my girlfriends atlas was misaligned, so I guess you get the idea that the problem is "quite frequent". My bad spinal posture and my back pain disappeared a few weeks after the atlas correction. All documented by photographs. 
2.) buy a good inversion table
Make sure you buy a high quality, stable one to make sure that there is no risk involved.
Inform yourself about possible contraindications (there are a few) BEFORE you buy an inversion table! For example: obesity, glaucoma, retinal detachment, conjunctivitis, pregnancy, spinal injury, cerebral sclerosis, swollen joints, middle ear infection, high blood pressure, hypertension, recent stroke, TIA, heart or circulatory disorders, hiatus hernia, ventral hernia, bone weakness, use of anti-coagulants including aspirin.
also watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GUW4psHJ0k
Start SLOWLY, gradually increase the inclination!
3.) Get the rene quinton seawater ampullas, the ISOtonic version, for example from the french pharmacy at https://anonym.to/?https://www.purepara.com/fr/vitalite/26923-quinton-isotonic-30-ampoules-3401572062422.html or search for the cheapest source for your location!
These ampullas are said to be able to refill the liquid inside your intervertebral discs (which is something medicine "officially" CANNOT do as far as I heard) by simply drinking them, therefore "automatically" reducing back pain! I have a few german articles about this, no english ones, sorry, for the german articles see my german health tips, "Tipps gegen Rückenschmerzen", here:
The method is called "Mesotherapie" in german ("mesotherapy" in english) or another english term is "NCP-therapy" ("Nutrition-Circulation-Plasma-therapy"). I heard that people pay a lot of money to drive to doctors who then administer these ampullas by infusion, but I heard that this is not necessary regarding the rehydration of the vertebral discs, drinking the content of the ampullas should be sufficient to refill the discs, I guess these doctors do not want their patients to know that ;-)
4.) try a kneeling chair, for example "varier balans". And/or get a high table so that you can work while standing!
5.) If you have back pain of unknown origin, I strongly suggest you get the FREE ebook by Dr. Charlie Johnson, see
and study it thoroughly!
This should REALLY help you to determine the real SOURCE of your back pain! Also watch Dr. Johnsons youtube videos once you found out what triggers your back pain:
If it turns out that you have sciatic pain, you can try the exercises at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbZzeO4P9YA, they should help immediately!
But also check out everything that Dr. Johnson has to say about all this!!
You should also try squatting (as already mentioned in the earthing section):
see https://www.naturesplatform.com
6.) I recently learned through a german youtube video by "Liebscher & Bracht" ("the pain specialists") that it is a very good idea to sleep on a mattress which is as hard as possible and on a pillow which is as thin as possible or, even better, no pillow at all. They explain this in detail in german here:
Also see this guys advice regarding this:
Why I stop sleeping on beds and went to the floor instead
Mike Chang
Also see
Sleeping on the Floor Lessons I Learned the Hard Way
The Zag
You "should" sleep on your back or on your belly if possible, not sideways if possible, you can slowly "retrain" your body to sleep in these two positions. Turning is natural, thats something your body wants to do for various reasons, for example because of the so called "nasal cycle", but try to turn on your back or on your belly when you wake up and realize that you are in the "wrong" sleeping position. Sleeping sideways with a pillow which is too low overstretches the neck area, sleeping sideways is generally not recommended for your entire spine and cervical spine, therefore you should try to sleep on your back or on your belly.
Regarding the hardness of your mattress, I suggest that you use your slatted frame - if you have one - and slowly set it to a harder setting. If you can still manage the hardness on the hardest setting, you might even consider getting a new mattress which is one grade harder and then set the slatted frame to softest, then slowly make the slatted frame setting harder again.
Do the same for the pillow - slowly make it thinner, until you reach the "maximum thinness" or even reach the point where you can sleep without pillow at all. You have to sleep on your back or on your belly if you want to sleep with a low pillow or no pillow at all.
7.) Incline your bed see https://inclinedbedtherapy.com

There are certain antibiotics which you should NEVER EVER take, especially all fluorquinolones:
Mostly german, but also some english info there:

Inform yourself about vitamine D3. Vitamine C and vitamine D are probably the most underrated substances in medical history, so do yourself a favor and research it. You would benefit GREATLY if you would.
A very good "natural" product for D3 supplementation is probably the cod liver oil by green pastures:
It is said to be the best cod liver oil product on the market.
The amount of D3 in cod liver oil is not very high however and it is therefore quite expensive in relation to the dosage, this is why I stopped taking it (price). Please note that there are a lot of other very healthy substances in cod liver oil, so if money is not a problem, this is a very good supplement - check out the reviews!
I am now taking 50.000 IU D3 and 200 mcg K2 per week (maintenance dosage) in the form of high dose D3 / K2 capsules. There exists a formula to calculate your bodies D3 need. Get a blood test to determine your actual D3 level, then use the formula to calculate how much you need to take to get your D3 level up, from then on you only need the maintenence dosage. Currently I pay ca. 3 EUR PER MONTH for a high quality D3 and K2 supplement. So I take 2 capsules a month (1 D3 50.000 IU and 1 K2 200 mcg). So this is "dirt cheap" and you reap the full benefits for 3 EUR per month - LOL!!! Please note that most D3 supplements contain very little D3, and are still damn expensive for the dosage contained. So try to find a high quality D3 supplement which contains a high dosage of D3 and a high dosage K2 supplement, and still has an "acceptable" price. You dont have to pay a lot for an almost nonexistant amount of D3, lol. Always take your time to compare prices. Still, never pick the cheapest product, because this is usually the lowest grade garbage, but try to find the sweet spot (quality, dosage, price). This needs research, but this is well invested time! :-)

Inform yourself about iodine:
The probably cheapest way to increase your iodine intake is lugols solution. This should be EVEN CHEAPER than D3!!!
Do not let the concentrated lugols solution get on the mucous membranes, also dont inhale it. Dissolve 1 drop in a glass with plenty of water and then drink. Always start with ONE (1) drop, and see if your body tolerates it. Then you can take more, for example on the next day. How much you need to take is dependent on your diet and if you eat many products that contain (artificial or natural) iodine. If you dont tolerate it, STOP!!! Then your body probably already has too much iodine, which can happen if you eat a lot of products that contain artificial or natural iodine. 
If you do not know if you have iodine deficiency (or too much iodine) there exists a test.
Take iodine always with an anorganic selenium product like "Natriumselenit". I guess the correct translation would be "sodium selenite". For example 100 or 200 mcg daily for maximum effect. This combination "clears" the thyroid gland of the most dangerous toxins, and then the thyroid gland should be able to work perfect again after a short time. As you can guess, this is IMPORTANT, because the thyroid gland regulates the whole "energetic metabolism" of your whole body, and therefore, if the thyroid gland doees not work, your WHOLE BODY suffers!!!
Do not take organic selenium, it can quickly accumulate into the toxic range, IF you still decide to take organic selenium you should get regular blood tests for your selenium levels to prevent them spinning out of control! Do not take selenium in the form of selenium yeast because you do not know if it contains a lot or almost no selenium (wide variation!), so you dont have control, so dont take it! There is a book about this topic
Also read the appropriate books by Jerzy Zieba!!! (VERY important books and VERY well worth reading)

Check out Tsetsis liver cleanse, a "soft" version of Hulda Regehr Clarks live cleanse, very good IMHO:

Very important for cancer patients / breast cancer patients:
"HOW TO STARVE CANCER" by Jane McLelland http://www.howtostarvecancer.com, IMHO currently the MOST important book for everyone suffering from cancer, please read the reviews at
She also talks about a substance called Mebendazole, the "sister substance" of fenbendazole, an important substance for cancer treatment, see
(see also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNzyuhXCgmQ and mirrored at https://www.bitchute.com/video/PNzyuhXCgmQ/)
Also check out
Here is my story. grateful
My wife was diagnosed with a cancer, ( before i learnt of Rick Simpsons oil
/ RSO ) the hospital said to do chemotherapy and radiotherapy.. she did..
and went through a lot.. but no cure, after a while the doctors said the
cancer was spreading and we could look for alternatives.. i searched the
internet and found out about the oil.. asked a lot of questions.. watched
the videos etc.. we made the oil our selves but it couldn't just work out
we were doing more harm than good and the cancer was still there spreading,
i searched more on the internet i found a testimony on how a lady got the
oil via a website: naturalricksimpsoncannabisoil.com
immediately copied the email address on the website:  i wrote to the very email
on the website: naturalricksimpsoncannabisoil.com and in an hour later i
got a reply back asking me some few questions, and enlightened me on how to
get the oil in the next 48hours, i placed my order and in the next 48hours
the medication oil got to us. immediately my wife started using the oil, it
been two months now, since my wife has been using the medication oil and
the cancerous problems are gone this very fact was clarified by the doctor.

i put up this piece of testimony for the sake of those once who need this
oil to please don't die in silence their is a cure for your cancer today
website: naturalricksimpsoncannabisoil.com and get the oil.
Furthermore please read
This was written by Paulina Jodestol on Youtube:   Am 09.05.2015 veröffentlicht   My twenty years’ practice and diagnosis of people coming to me with various health problems indicates mainly fungal and parasitic grounds of various serious diseases including neoplasia. There is an increasing number of diseases which are difficult to cure or the incurable ones. Why? First, people pay attention to the ailments accompanying them at the beginning of the disease too late. Second, incorrect, too late diagnosis and inadequate taking of medication lead to chronic diseases. Third, incorrect diagnosis of tumours, cysts, fibroids, i.e. the parasites, fungi, viruses, bacteria in the organs in which the above parasites had built their “nests” covered with limestone capsule protecting them against the activity of medication. It effectively destroys the immunological system. Parasites and fungi are “intelligent”, they do not kill the person instantly but only slowly and consistently weaken the defences of the human body, destroy immunity in order to multiply suddenly and strike with multiplied forces. My experience indicates that after purifying the system of the parasites the prevailing majority of tumours (earlier diagnosed by the doctors as neoplasms) decreases and then disappears. Important information is that that I DO NOT HEAL PEOPLE but only purify them of the parasites! Human body is constructed in the way which enables self-regeneration if only we support it in purifying of the parasites, fungi, toxins and provide vital vitamins and minerals. Then the diseases retreat, all we need is patience in restoring the damaged organs back to health. I encourage you to the diagnosis before you decide on biopsy. Not each tumour is a neoplasm and frequently it is just a cyst with parasites. Biopsy threatens parasites which transfer to the next organ and then we talk about the so called “metastasis”. What happens next – we know. And it does not have to be the case!
A doctor named Dr. Banerji supposedly cured tens of thousands of cancer patients by homeopathic remedies only (!), this was scientifically documented (!), you should find something about him by searching for
"Dr. Banerji protocols"
or similar search terms.
No guarantees:
https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1318249493564493840 (cancer cure by Dr. Burzynski)
Read the books about "hidden therapies" by Jerzy Zieba, there are several, I do not know how many have been translated to english, here is the first one, please read the reviews:

If you suffer from diabetes, I think you should REALLY check out the following links:
A small german text about it
Another main reason for diabetes might be
The following is a possible diabetes cure, it is a combination of breathing normalization
and the oil-protein-diet by Dr. Johann Budwig
(it does "not only" work for cancer, but for a lot of other ailments as well!)

https://normalbreathing.com improves the entire body oxygenation for each and every cell and the latter makes sure that the body cells can respirate properly aka it greatly improves CELLULAR respiration, see

The combination of these two methods SHOULD work brilliantly, however, please use these methods exactly as described in Dr. Artour Rakhimovs / Dr. Buteykos / Dr. Budwigs books.

Performing the breathing exercises carries the risk of hypoglycemic shock if not done according to these instructions, the reason for this is that the body immediately restarts its own insuline production and combined with the "medical" insuline the blood sugar level might drop too low! This also shows how well these breathing techniques work and how beneficial they are for diabetics!

Another "component" of these methods is that you should stay away from bad (oxidized) and altered PUFAs, see

Always use organic, cold pressed, highest quality flaxseed oil and make sure that you use a wine vacuum sealer immediately after you retrieved the oil. Then store the bottle inside the fridge.
If you suffer from diabetes, you can also incline your bed

#diabetes cure
#cure diabetes

No guarantees, but this sounds interesting:
Jan 17 2018 · 7:05 PM
I've taken the 21 most "commented on" and "emailed about" posts from my long-running blog turned website and turned them into an ebook.
If you have ANY kind of chronic illness -- Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, MS, RA, Heart Disease, Arthritis of any kind, Crohn's Disease, Bipolar Disorder, Depression.. or anything ELSE you have to deal with on a daily basis you will find helpful information in this book. Remember, I'm not  medical doctor. I'm a Traditional Naturopath, living with Secondary Progressive MS.

This pain killer is supposed to be natural, free from side effects and even more effective than cannabis, NO GUARANTEES, I did not check this information:

Check out BEERANs skin / anti acne recipe:
This should work for MANY people!!
I am not saying it will work for anyone, but in MANY cases, it should work!!
Please also read

Beerans Alternatives for p*ssies:
She did not mention the mooncup however, which is probably the best and most "economic" product to collect the menstruation blood......this can save you quite a fortune.
How to solve the worlds energy problems:

Good to know:

You can save ca. 25% - 30% or more CPU power by simply installing an energy management software called "Granola", it will run in the background and you will not even notice it. This will save you some dollars for free, the software can even calculate the energy savings and will calculate the saved amount in dollars you save if you enter the current energy costs in cent per kwh!

DO NOT use a microwave oven:

Hemp Plastic is the SOLUTION for the plastic problem:
Hemp is also the solution for the oil crisis / energy crises and can replace fossil fuels ENTIRELY. And this is exactly the reason why you never heard about this, please do your research.

Please do not use censorship (anti)social media and platforms like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc., better switch to free (non-censorship) alternative media:
http://meulengrachtforum.altervista.org/forum/index.php/topic,1244.msg4269.html#msg4269You will NOT get neutral search results at Google (aka Goolag), for example, Google promotes "pharma friendly" search results. Search for Google and Project Veritas at a NON GOOGLE search engine like startpage.com or duckduckgo.com if you want to read about all this.

How to prevent being raped / rape countermeasures:

Check this out, "10 Things You've Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life":
Learn how to breathe "into" your stomach.

How to remedy flicker in LED TFT Monitors:
I guess anyone who frequently works with computer TFT LED monitors will find this interesting. I already removed the flicker from my own LED monitor by using this technique (checked it before and afterwards with USB ventilator).
Also see
Use only normal light bulbs (edison bulbs) for your house. Do not use LEDs of any kind (because of flicker and blue light). If you must use energy saving lamps, use high quality Megaman lamps.

If you want to get rid of your glasses, check out the eye sight restoration method recommended by Professor Zhdanov,  the method by Norman Bates:
Also check out Youtube in this regard, this might yield a big payoff!!

Do not throw away coffee grounds, they can be used for a lot of useful purposes!

What you should better stay away from coffee and everything caffeinated, especially if you have sleep problems:
#sleepbetter #sleep #feelbetterlivemorepodcast
Sleep Expert REVEALS How Caffeine DESTROYS Your Sleep & Productivity! | Matthew Walker
1.106.940 AufrufePremiere am 21.03.2021
Dr Rangan Chatterjee
Today’s guest is world-leading sleep researcher, author of the international best-selling book ‘Why We Sleep’ and Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology, Matthew Walker.
Matthew shares research on the effects of caffeine on our sleep.
Caffeine is a sleep disruptor, and just one dose of caffeine in the evening can decrease the amount of deep sleep by 20%
Caffeine has a half-life of around 6-7 hours, but a quarter-life of around 12 hours.  If you have a cup of coffee at noon, a quarter of that caffeine can still be circulating around your brain at midnight.

If you are a woman, you HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO watch this as early as possible and ASAP:
The Truth About Sex: Facts You Won't Believe Are True! - YouTube
(Beware of this Molyneux guy however. There are rumors he may be some kind of sect leader (or wannabe sect leader). But if a sect leader says the sky is blue, I guess it is still blue, and the video is important...)
And this is also why you should BEWARE of the so called "feminism" - sexual liberation and "empowerment" WILL UTTERLY DESTROY you.
Please read:
Watch this (Bree Olson reacts to the simple question "how would you like to be treated"):
Read this book:
I suggest you read anti-feministic texts and read on mens rights sites and INFORM yourself before you embrace this "feminism"-ideology, because its a ruse, a trap, a deceit, specifically designed for women, and it WILL UTTERLY DESTROY YOU if you let it.
Oh and there is also the danger that you will become a murderer (its called "abortion"), and the consequences are DIRE, because you will be held responsible by, believe it or not, a higher power. Read stories of women who had abortions and what happened to very many of them and their lives. And then think if you can call this "coincidence". I have only german links, so look it up yourself.
Here a few links about the dangers of abortion:
Here a few articles:
Abortion deaths in the USA in the year 2016 alone, since 1973 over 60 MILLION:

Advice for men:
You just have to know that many girls, or even most girls nowadays - especially in the US - are indoctrinated with feminism and therefore can have very negative character traits (for which YOU will pay dearly if you accept such a girl...).
Read critical texts about feminism (anti feminist) and read articles about the mens rights movement, BEFORE you get involved with girls, and especially, BEFORE you marry or have kids.
On the other hand, if you study MBTI www.16personalities.com, you can actively search for "loyal" or "sweet" types, so I guess not all hope is lost! :-)

Regarding 9/11 "truth":
Removed by now, see

According to my information, "chemtrails" DO NOT exist, all you are seeing are CONTRAILS, CONTRAILS, and CONTRAILS:
This does not mean that there are no military weather experiments etc.. Or experiments with geoengineering. But this is done on "small scale" over military testing grounds, so you probably wont even see it in your lifetime.

DO NOT become an organ donor:

Dont buy or use cellphones, the radiation is harmful. Cellphone radiation is probably a major or even the MAIN factor in the mass death of bees / bees extinction ("colony collapse disorder):
Get RID of cellphones, WLAN, DECT, repeaters, and all that harmful sh*t, if not for yourself, then for the bees. Use an "old style" cable telephone with a LAND LINE. Interesting huh that they are trying to get rid of land lines to force everyone to use "smart" phones. Sh*tty Orwellian mad times.

I suggest you carefully read
The book by Elaine is probably good:

NEVER EVER let a doctor reduce your turbinates ("turbinate reduction", "conchotomy", "turbinectomy", "turbinotomy", you better be alerted when you hear one of these words!). Be very careful when a doctor wants to remove nasal polyps or when you have any surgery involving the nose, they might still reduce the turbinates "in one go". Make sure they DO NOT reduce your turbinates, you cannot get them back and the end result could be Empty Nose Syndrome, a devastating iatrogenic condition! 

Read "Why stomach acid is good for you":

Circumcision is bad. Don't do it to your kids.
See https://steemit.com/circumcision/@krischik/american-circumcision-has-been-released
Inform yourself extensively in the internet.

5 signals that show on your hands if you are in bad health (or if some health problem is imminent):

This is a warning I found in the Internet, no guarantees:
Safe brands of vitamin supplements are Pure Encapsulations and Thorne Research -

Do not under any circumstance use GNC, Doctor's Best, and Muscletech (Iovate) supplements. They are owned by mainland Chinese companies. Look at Glassdoor to see how bad things have gone inside of these companies post Chinese takeover. Quality of the supplements has gone down and may go down even more. Expect inferior ingredients/manufacturing processes and outright fraud. Remember the mainland Chinese part of the company is immune to any legal recourse. Inside of mainland China supplements are well known to be fraudulent and have toxic ingredients. This is not to mention you are supporting a totalitarian regime aiming to destroy America.

Three facts about islam:

LOL check this out, "Wake Up Call":
Join the conversation: #WakeUpCall. Find out more at http://www.gaiafoundation.org/wakeupcall/

Check out Green Smoothies. 

Please check out 432 hertz music tuned in a natural tuning system, this might be BIG, this might very well be called classical music reloaded or "classical music 2.0" and might lead to a new golden age of music!!

If you dont want to harm your dog you better read this:
(site not operational on 5th September 2018 :-(, I guess you have to check out https://web.archive.org/web/20161003005849/http://doublelifedogdiet.com, slow, but better than nothing)
Here you can watch 2 dogs eating chicken quarters:
But be careful, I do not know if any dog can do this and what about the bones etc. (risk of suffocation). It is just an example that raw, high quality food is most likely the best food for dogs. High quality = biological / organic, not industrially processed junk
Got flea issues? Here is a simple fix. Just apply Diatomaceous Earth to your pet. Simple, Safe, and cheap. Inform yourself about this awesome stuff!
You can also give your dog UNFILTERED "black cumin oil", preferrably organic, give it orally, do NOT put it in its fur as this blocks heat exchange. This will prevent most, probably all, tick bites and perhaps other critters too. BEWARE, this does not work for all kinds of pets and might be toxic for example for cats. Inform yourself and pick the right dosage.
This works for humans too - no more ticks, they simply wont bite anymore.
Also read:
Can Pet Vaccinations Cause Cancer in Cats & Dogs? https://thetruthaboutvaccines.com/pet-vaccinations/ https://www.helpyourdogfightcancer.com/VaccineWaiver.shtml


If you dont want scars or die in a cruel way (and especially want your dogs to live longer) you better stay away from pitbulls and/or arm yourself:

Why it is "advisable" to avoid internet porn:

Other tips:
Read Lee Strobels "the case for a creator" or watch the movie about the book here:
Check out so called NDE experiences (Near Death Experiences):
http://www.amazon.com/Life-After-Bestselling-Investigation-Experiences/dp/006242890X/ by Raymond A. Moody
An example for a "bad" Near Death Experience, which ultimately turned Mr. Storms life completely around:
*"My descent into death" by Howard Storm:
If you want to learn something about the afterlife, read books by
*Gerda Johst ("the uncut jewel") http://www.buchbeschreibungen.com/english/gjb.php , might be hard to get though
*Robert James Lees
I suggest you read the book excerpt here

This book here is also important:
http://www.amazon.com/Hope-Beyond-Hell-Righteous-Judgment/dp/1461019540/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8 (or http://www.hopebeyondhell.net/)

Please note that 99,9999% of all "modern" esoteric books are complete garbage (they are just written to make money). The really valuable books are either old (long before the "esoteric boom") or from special authors not widely known!

I personally (Medizinmann99) can highly recommend praying the rosary each day - from my experience I can by now even say that every day I spend without the rosary is a "lost day"!

Check out this video "Dying Man Records his Final Words About God":

Other tips 2:
Revolutionary gardening method by Paul Gautschi "Back To Eden":

Other tips 3:
If you work a lot with computers, check out "vertical mice" (like Evoluent C) and the "Goldtouch Go2" Split Keyboard.

Even more tips:
Do not destroy your car with bad motor oil, check out:

If you ever consider buying an electric car or hybrid, you better read this BEFORE you buy:
Someone else wrote me:
Electric cars are shit for your health too, they cause very high milligauss in EMF, we considered going hybrid/electric but the health toll would be too high
AFAIK this is true.

How to increase the efficiency of your wood or coal burning stove

You can save up to 90% of the firewood for your wood stove if you utilize a so called rocket mass heater (this means that if you for example typically use 1.000 kilograms of firewood per winter in a regular stove then you will only need 100 - 200 kilograms with a rocket mass heater):
Here the operation principle:
Regarding the efficiency:
If you go backpacking / hiking you can get a VERY nice folding rocket stove called the virestove, see
Also see
which includes a free plan how to build one :-)

If you have a car or anything that moves by burning gasoline / diesel (or even an oil heater) you can save quite a lot of fuel and greatly reduce pollution by using MPG caps by FFI. You have to condition the motor first before you measure savings, so READ THE MANUAL first. Most organizations who, lol, "test" the caps somehow fail to do this, I guess they cant read or something. Compare prices, pick the cheapest vendor (it is always the same stuff, coming from the same source, so there should be no quality differences whatsoever, thats why you can pick the cheapest vendor in this case...)!
I have been using these caps for years in my scooter and car. Also cleans motor, increases power and better winter start properties etc.. I use it mainly because I want to protect the environment.

I heard there is another product called "XMILE" or "X-Mile" which is also supposed to work (made from plant encymes).
Be careful, 99,something percent of "fuel saving" products dont work!!!!

Recently, I also heard of an oil additive that is supposed to work, called "roilgold"...please do your research, it is supposed to be very, very good. It is manufactured by a german company.
16th October 2017: I researched Roilgold in the meantime and put it in my scooter and car, and it most obviously works, scooter and car run better than ever and fuel consumption decreased! I found a big english thread about it here:
The formula was even further improved in the meantime and is now manufactured by a german manufacturer.
Regarding motor oil please check out this:

Additional tips:
This looks like a seriously impressive technology which obviously CAN save your fingers from a circular saw:
How Safe is a Sawstop Saw? - Never Before Seen 19,000 FPS HD Slow-Mo Video

If you want really good rollerball pens check out the "Pilot Greenball"
It is almost 90% recycled, has a wolfram ball and a BIG, replaceable ink cartridge.
If you want a needle tip, check out
(also available as v7 with wider line, but the V7 often has ink flow problems, so better stick to V5, or, if you want a wider line, V10. Only the V5 is available as "begreen" (recycled materials) as far as I can see)
Alternatively you can try pentel energel bln15 and bl27
Also check out the Pilot V Ball.
If you want a ballpoint, check out the schneider slider XB, I recommend the one with the SLIM body, here: http://www.amazon.com/Schneider-Slider-Basic-Black-Ballpoint/dp/B000TKH3SS/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1431429747&sr=8-4&keywords=schneider+slider+xb
(except if you like the one with the thicker body better)
The Schneiders are from germany and could be quite expensive in USA. Buy 1, try it, then buy a big package if you like :-) The Schneiders are also available in Medium and even fine if you want a finer line!

Type better with an alternative keyboard layout like dvorak, colemak, neo2...please find out for yourself what is best for the english language, for for the texts you usually type! Also take a look at qwpr. I recommend this only if you did not yet learn QWERTZ. Check out this test:

How the elite stays in power, worth watching:

I suggest you dont fall for the global warming hoax:

If you find this posting helpful, PLEASE free to copy & paste it or forward it to other people who might be interested in this information, so that others can benefit from it too! Freely you received, so freely give! :-)

Regarding atlantotec:
I recently came to the conclusion that the atlantotec guys are a better
choice than the atlasprofilax guys:

I fear there are no atlantotec therapists in USA, but if you ever go on
vacation in Europe, I suggest you go to one of these guys and let
him/her check your atlas position. Checking is free.

I "should have been corrected" in 2004 already (back then, there was
only Atlasprofilax available). As it turned out now, my atlas position
was "only" bettered in 2004, but it was still not fully corrected. I knew
because I developed back pain 2 months ago and this is not supposed to
happen to "atlas-corrected"-persons. So I concluded either the whole
atlas-theory is garbage or I am still not corrected. It turned out to be
the latter. I think I could even feel it when the atlantotec therapist
touched me to determine the atlas position, one of the parts of the
atlas seemed to "stick out" farther on one side. I got my
"atlantotec-correction" some days ago and feel very good overall. I
think this finally fixed my atlas. Costs 250 EUR though. My back pain is
getting better each day (before the atlas correction, it stayed "fixed"
and did not really change). Very, very interesting. These guys work very
My before and after photos already showed an obvious improvement of
posture. Either that, or they have a small chinese photoshop guy in a
drawer who does a quick photoshop manipulation in the timeframe when you
get your atlas corrected. This was an interesting experience.

My back pain has completely disappeared a few weeks after my Atlantotec correction :-)

This does not really belong here,
but I think this might be an interesting read.

In the meantime Mr. Kupelian wrote two more books:
"How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America"
"The Snapping of the American Mind: Healing a Nation Broken by a Lawless Government and Godless Culture"

You can read the Amazon reviews of these books here:

Liver cleanse:

A "lighter" version:
===================================================================you have probably asked yourself over and over... why do i have to endure such unpleasant moments when flushing my liver of Gallstones and filth?
why do i want to vomit and feel naucious the entire time?
why do i have to take time off of work to do this?
why do i have to rest and be at home?
isn't there an easier way...?

all questions that i asked myself constantly, until, through careful research and experimentation, i finally found the answer!

believe it or not, you don't have feel unconfortable during the flush at all. there is a much easier, much more pleasant way of cleaning your liver ducts and gall bladder, and even your intestants get cleaned from this procedure.

this way is far superior and takes everything out in a matter of just hours. and if you do it for several days in a row, you will end up extremely clean inside and out and it will show!!

you will look 10 years younger and more beautiful! no need for oil and lemon juice, when you are using this method. it amazes me that this information is not posted here or anywhere else on the liver detox knowledge pages of this website. this is a simple and amazing way to cleanse - better yet, to really purge everything out completely. you will experience a perfectly pink tounge in just 3-4 days and your skin will begin to glow like a peach and you will get long, very shiny hair, your nails will grow rapidly and you will feel like you can lift a mountain.

this is what you do exactly:

1. buy 20 organic limes, but even the non-organic ones work perfectly!

2. buy a large carton of organic, omega-3 eggs, free-range preferably!

3. buy a bottle of organic sunflower oil - cold pressed.

4. when you get home, leave the eggs out on your counter, do not put them in the refrigerator! they must be room-temperature by the next day!
[[additional information from someone else: On a serious note, do not leave eggs out for a day and then drink a mixture containing raw yolk. You could be eating dangerous bacteria:
I (medicineman9) still think that fresh high quality (organic) eggs should survive for 1 night without refridgeration, if you consume them immediately in the morning. I am quite sure that this can be a problem in "industry" eggs however, especially if they are near overdue.
(But never put the eggs into the refridgerator again when you have taken them out of the fridge for a longer period of time, aka if the "cold chain" was broken!)]]

5. either do this in the morning, before you eat or drink anything, or in the evening, but wait 3 hours after your meal.

6. take 3 limes and roll them wtih your palm on your kitchen counter – with some force, so as to soften them up. then squeeze them into a porcelain cup.

7. take 2 eggs, crack them over the sink and empty the contents into the palm of your hand, opening up your fingers, so as to let the egg-white fall out into the sink, leaving only the yolk in your hand. then place the 2 yolks in the cup of lyme juice.

7. using a wooden utencil (any utencil except for metal), gently beat the mixture only a couple of times. simply a couple of stirs are sufficient to get the juice and yolks to mix.

8. then pour a table spoon (do not use metal utencils) of sunflower oil into the mix. other oils will work just as well too; especially beneficial is organic, cold-pressed peanut oil also!

9. mix a couple of more times, sip and enjoy! the drink is delicious, safe, healthy and most importantly – with a cleansing potency beyond belief!!!

10. you may feel the urge to sleep almost immediately after that, so you may want to drink this potion right before bedtime, instead of in the morning. most importantly, be sure that you have not eaten or drank anything in the last 3 hours.

11. when you wake up from your nap, after 2-3 hours have elapsed, you will feel like you have 10 horse powers instead of 1 human power. the energy you will aquire from this is instant and perminant.

12. your nose will feel clogged. this is because your liver has just purged an incredible amount of tixins and dirt into your intestine. even if there is nothing blocking your nose cavity, your nose will feel clogged. for those who have done Liver Flushes will know what i am talking about. this is the very feeling of stones and gunk leaving the liver and entering the entstine.

13. finally, if you have an enema kit, you need to use very warm water to clean out your intestines, and it is imperative that you use 2 full enemas with very warm water, in order to draw the gunk out from the top of the small upper instestine to the lower one and then out.

14. unbelieveable things will come out of you, sometimes green stones, sometimes plaque, sometimes worms and parasites and sometimes just black, black, black filty water. you will be literally wowed at the results after the first day and double-wowed of the results after the 2, 3,4th day. by the end of the week, you will feel like you can take over the world! yes, the feeling is incredible!

if you feel unconfortable using an enema, stones, gunk, mucouid plaque, worms, parasites and eggs can still come out, but not as full-capacity as when you flush with an enema, because everything tends to dry out once it reaches the large intestine, if there isn't anything to dilute it and take it out. intestinal walls tend to suck the water out of everythng, so use an enema if you want the full 100% beneficial results.

i would love to get your input on how your special cleansing went and what your special results were!

this could be your little secret :) when your co-workers and friends see you get strikingly radiant, thinner, younger, tanner and full-of-energy, they don't have to know! unless you would be kind enough to tell them how they can also achieve these incredible results in just a few days!

love and blessings,


Tsetsis newer method:
Hi Everyone,

I thought i would share another priceless recipe with you, since the responce to the lime/egg/oil cleanse has been was so overwhelmingly positive.

What i have is an alternative recipe, and this one SHOULD do away with more of your unwanted liver gunk and intestinal deposits. Here it goes:




Mix, Drink slowly. After an hour, drink a glass of distilled water (room-temperature).

Follow with an enema 5-6 hours later.

This drink should get you to pass at least a FULL gallon of gunk, if you use your enema. If you do not use an enema... well I simply don't know how anyone could live without one and how you would manage to relief yourself of all this compiled filth. But if you do have other ways, feel free to use them. The German forum member Christine uses a microscope, which I would be very interested in her utilizing, in order to obsrve her results :)

With wishes for a better day,


If you have a pollen allergy, consider getting this neat little device:
You simply carry it around your neck (like a small piece of jewelry) and it ionizes the air so that pollen are drawn to the chain or other objects of opposite polarity and therefore do not enter your respiratory system. So it uses a simple physical effect to prevent pollen from entering your nose / lungs, and if no pollen get in there, you get no allergy symptoms.
Costs ca. 50 USD.
Runs on 1 AA battery.
Can also use rechargeable batteries. Produces almost no ozone (at least according to the manufacturer ;-)).
Please note that the description is german because the manufacturer is german.
I GUESS there exist similar products in GB / USA etc., but I am from Europe, so I do not know. If you find a similar "english" product, please message me at

Thanks :-)


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