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Autor Thema: Please introduce yourself here in this thread  (Gelesen 2203 mal)


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Please introduce yourself here in this thread
« am: 02. September 2006, 21:02:48 »


this thread is for introducing yourself.

As I did not introduce myself too I will do it now...

I am Medizinmann99 (well, thats not my real name indeed) from Austria (thats in Central Europe  ;D ) , I am 28 years old and have been diagnosed with GS some years ago. My mother tongue is german but I can speak english as well (at least to a certain extent).

Still I considered GS to be an illness without any consequences as probably many of you also thought in the first place.

Recently, I realized by doing some research on the topic that GS is NOT a symptome free illness but that it has a lot of consequences...and that is is individually different, some people hardly notice it, some people have it quite severe and others have it so severe that they are basically not able to do a full time job anymore.

And as I saw that the english EZ Board is partially falling apart ("missing post that cannot be restored" and that another german board obviously did not have an admin (so no backups there) I decided to found another board.  I know the internet quite well in the meantime and I know that every board or internet presence that is not maintained has a habit of disappearing in the electronic nirvana - somewhen, usually it does not take very long according to the internets "flux speed". My idea is that this should not happen here therefore I make regular forum backups and with them I can transfer the forum anywhere, the address always stays
(forwarding service that always "points" to the real forum location).

I do not have GS very severely personally, but I think "it is sufficient" lol and therefore I also have a significant interest to get completely symptome free...


So much,

"Die wunderbare Einrichtung und Harmonie des Weltalls kann nur nach dem Plane eines allwissenden und allmächtigen Wesens zustande gekommen sein. Das ist und bleibt meine letzte und höchste Erkenntnis." Isaak Newton

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